Lack of access to working capital has long been one of the reasons why small businesses aren’t able to operate efficiently, very often day-to-day operations, business expenses, and inventory are compromised due to lack of funds in the business. Furthermore, small businesses aren’t favored by traditional financing services, so they are ultimately left without help.

Humble Beginnings

We started researching the Ghanaian small business eco-space in 2018 and launched Nvoicia in 2019 with only $3000 in our loan book, and to date, we are working with an aggregated ticket size of $730 000.00 from 7 industries. In the clip…

Growth Factor Technologies is a Fintech with a focus on Supply Chain Finance and our vision is to transform the livelihood of SMEs in Africa, starting with Ghana (the gateway to Africa) and Nigeria (the giant of Africa). Both these countries have shown stable improvement in economic growth and continue to use technology to diversify Africa-facing solutions.

Our training

We are an impact and solutions driven team trained under the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology popularly known as MEST which gave us great exposure into the tech start-up world and this was good preparation for our desired journeys as tech…

Nvoicia | Growth Factor Technologies

We help SMEs gain access to their working capital, without collateral.

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