All the feels….

PUMPED! Just read my fav DREAM AGENT’s blog from cover to cover and I’m all soaked in the resting success that is the mirage before me.

Inspiration. It’s what I lack most days. I get caught up in the ‘Oh yeah-this doesn’t pay the bills yet” funk and drag my unhappy ass to work…so the time I get to spend on my writing is like little blurps I slam into a morning here and there. Then the wanting to be a writer ‘someday’ slips further and further away. Inspiration for stories-not an issue (just yet)…inspiration to keep at it-where can I buy THAT?!

So Karina Sumner-Smith said, “I tried to treat writing and publishing like a career, even when it couldn’t even pay for coffee.” I love that. I love that she said it and I love that it gives me all the feels for those moments when someone asks what I do and I hold my breath, puff out my chest and say, “I’m a Writer.”

Of course-if you have EVER had the balls to say that out loud, you know the next question you are inevitable faced with is, “What have you published?” Deflate and sigh. So, I like to laugh and wittingly look at the silly person before me and say, “Oh no-I don’t pay the bills with it.” Truly, they are ridiculous for asking. Right? (stick with me here people!)

I love that Ms. Karina said this because from what I keep reading EVERYWHERE… it is the absolute struggle of chasing the mirage that makes you so fucking privelaged to have a resume to spit out in those moments. It has to be what we want more than anything and we have to bleed for it. Figuratively speaking, of course. Here, I struggle as a newbie and I grasp for moments that make me feel like I just might have a little magic tucked inside.

So, I will continue to write at every available moment and enjoy my cheaper coffee from home…I will continue to work on my stories that so achingly beg to be heard and I will continue to learn and read and toughen my skin….because I AM a writer damnit-even if you have never heard of me.

(Karina Sumner-Smith quote: Chuck Sambuchino Shares What 12 Debut Authors DID RIGHT On Their JOurneys to Publication,

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