Anatomy of my mom ink…

Everytime I decide its time for a new tattoo, I am flooded with all the ideas I’ve had for one-which usually starts half through actually getting one. “What’s next” is always on the mind of someone who loves tattoos. So in March, I told Jeanie that I wanted a “mom” tattoo for Mothers Day.

After doodling for weeks with the moon and Hayden’s birth coordinates, his astrological sign and then all the little him and I tid bits I could use…I was bored, but I kept coming back to an image I had found of two lotus flowers.

A lotus-I know, REAL ORIGINAL NYA! I had intended on getting a large one when I completed my yoga teaching certification, but never did. And then, well….many people have a lotus tattoo now. It is with good reason though I think-the lotus is a symbol used in many different cultures and spiritual practices. SO, why did I finaly decide on something that could be considered ‘trendy’? Because I can. And the more that I drew this image, the more I began to read it like a tarot card.

The lotus is such a widespread spiritual symbol because it has to grow through mud to reach it’s bloomed perfection. When I sat and did more doodling, I began to think about all the things that could be considered times of ‘the mud’ since becoming a mother…and I realized, the most important part of being a parent is remembering that we are raising a person who will someday go out into the world-without us. gulp. The way they handle life will most likely be a representation of the way that we handled life.

My lotus tattoo doesn’t represent the life I’ve already lived or the work I have already done…it’s a reminder of the fact that being a mom means that somebody is ALWAYS watching and learning from the ways that I handle the harder parts of my growing.

I always tell Hayden, when our relationship is having a rough couple of days, “I’m still learning how to be a mom-just like you’re still learning to be a kid. We will get through it together.” I don’t have all the answers, I won’t always do or say the right thing, but as my little muffin is turning into a teenager, I will not forget that he is learning from every little thing that I say and do. “Just like his mom.” may not always be endearing.

The petals are empty right now…more on this at a later date.

The ribbon behind the connecting flowers represents the fool card in my favorite tarot deck-it reminds me to live without inhabition as often as I can-to teach my son to try new things and to leave fear and worry behind…something I also need to remind myself to do.

The dots create the pisces constellation for my March baby and the moon in the background because he always writes, “I love you to the moon…and back!” in my cards. I read him that book every night that I carried him in my belly and many, many times when I rocked him to sleep.

Finally, The ribbon circles inside the moon to create the tibetan symbol for gratitude….because there is no greater gift we are given, than the awesome responsibility of being a parent. Its not easy and at times it can completely break your heart-but I’m certain, its worth it!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is raising the future!