Grace Elizabeth

Hello! I’m Gracie.


…or sometimes, GRACE ELIZABETH!!! -But that’s when I might have got myself into some trouble.

Like this one time I was having my snack and one of my raisins, her name is Ollie, jumped right into my nose!

I told her, “Ollie-you get out of there right now or I’m going to have to go and get Mommy!”

She wouldn’t come out.

So I went in after her.

I couldn’t reach. So I had to get Mommy.

“GRACE ELIZABETH why is there a raisin in your nose?!” Mommy was not very happy with Ollie. Mommy couldn’t even see Ollie! So we had to take her to see the doctor.

There were so many people waiting to see the Mergence doctor. Nobody else was there because their raisin was hiding in their nose…I checked.

Dr. Mergence could barely see Ollie in my nose.

“She’s just scared of doctors.” I told him.

“Now, Ollie there is nothing to be afraid of.” He started to tell her.

“She can’t hear you.” I laughed, “She’s got her fingers in her ears!”

“Oh.” He said.

Dr. Mergence and Mommy talked it over while I thought of a way to get Ollie to come out of my nose. She was starting to make me feel a little nervous!

“Ollie, if you come out now, I promise that I will not be mad and you can have some ice cream when we get home and some toast if you want, but I can’t breathe very good with you in my nose so COME OUT!”

Just then…

I sneezed.

And what do you know-out jumped Ollie! I must have startled her!

“Yeah!” We all clapped for Ollie. She didn’t say anything; I guess she was too tired after all her jumping. When we got home mommy put her to bed for some rest-while I got her ice cream!

Excerpt From: Nya House. “Grace Elizabeth.” Ibooks, 2015. iBooks.