“Just Beachin’…”

That was the tag line to a photo my niece put on instagram and it stuck. So, we are home from the beach and as promised….here are my thoughts….

People are awful. Why so many people decided to jump on MY vacation at the beach is beyond me. What happened to privacy and quiet? Can’t my wife and I have the beach to ourselves so we don’t have to listen to your children SCREAMING because a tiny sand crab is about to eat their entire face off? Or so we don’t have to breathe in the constant flow of smoke from your chain smoking beach party? And WHY do you feel it necessary to place your towel five feet from mine when everyone else is atleast 20–30 feet away? Stop talking so loud. You’re at the Beach. SHOOSH and listen to the waves and take a nap. Please. Nobody likes your stories. Nobody likes you.

I’m a terrible person. BUT in my defense, I have been spoiled from the last two beach trips we took to Pawleys Island. It was quiet and beautiful and people were respectful of your space….this time we hit Crescent Beach-which although still quite beautiful….a different crowd for sure. You can drive on the beach there -which didn’t feel awesome having to watch for trucks and jeeps while walking back to your room. It is a dog friendly area though and we loved meeting some new furry friends. A yorkie named Gypsy ran to see us and curled up behind Jeanie’s chair for a nap. The food, I am sad to say was so disappointing-with the exception of Haszards at the beach! A small home turned into a restaurant. The owners are your servers and the food is PERFECT. They even make all their own sauces. I have to say, it would probably be the only reason we ever travel into Crescent Beach again.

When did I become such a beach snob? -And such a complainer too!? Ha! We needed the escape though. The water was healing and the wheather was great. I got to make a good dent in my book and five days with nothing to focus on but my wife was exactly what I needed. Luckily, just about everyone left the beach by 9pm and didn’t return until after 6:30-ish, which meant that we had the sea to ourselves before sunrise and while the stars were out.

There is nothing more serene than the sound of the ocean. The beach is the only place that you can feel the energy of all four elements at once…during the day anyway and I think it’s the best way for Jeanie and I to let it all go and reset our minds. As we were there for the summer solstice, we greeted the morning sun with yoga and meditation. Gratitude and Balance, it’s what we went there to remember and we did.

I guess I just need to start saving for my own private island for next time though!

Happy Beachin’!!!