While driving Hayden to school this morning because he had a large project he didn’t want to carry on the bus, I finally did that mom thing and decided to no longer ignore my CHILD’s constant remarks about Jon Ossoff and his higher taxes.

He and his fellow middle-schoolers watch the “news” every morning but I am learning that the news of choice is (shocking) only telling half the story. So, I told him who I voted for and why and encouraged him to maybe do his own research into what higher taxes might mean for his little twelve year old self. Where has the new administration cut funding and how might local taxes correct lack of funding for our community…and are taxes really our biggest concern?

We talked about the importance of every HUMAN having a voice in a higher seat….wait, I just said that “we talked”….that’s not true. I talked-he rolled his eyes and did this sigh-throat gurgle thing. Poor kid.

My point is this…I understand that all parents want their children to think as they do so that when it comes time for our kids to start making the decisions-we wont be left in the dust. Well, not THIS parent. I want my son to think for himself. I want him to hear trigger words like “higher taxes” and really research the shit out of that topic and understand it from every angle before deciding what’s right….something that many adults I know can’t even do. I want him to question everything that he hears-even if it drives me NUTS!

The world keeps changing and some amazing things have come from it. Why do we want to teach our children to think as we always have? Also, why are there still adults out there right now that make all their decisisons based on what their parents think? RESEARCH LIKE A CRAZY PERSON AND THINK FOR YOURSELF! Give your kids a blank slate-and the opportunity to fill it with their own ideals and let them teach US something new one day. This country has got to heal and get better…but it starts with free thinking and progress, not with keeping things as they are or rolling back the clock and definitely not by focusing all our concern on promises about our paychecks. Teach your kids to think BIGGER than you ever imagined.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin

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