Cruz/Creative incontinence

A day

Spent in a snoozing town

Light bearing down

And I am reborn, rocked

By swaying shade

Into a trance of visions

Time syrups

My thoughts run sweet

I notice now

The slower I swill

The deeper I breathe

The more he seems

To love me:

There is music here

The African sun wags a

Spanish tounge and

I am told words are diminutive

Winding home

Through civic squares

of baked stone

Eros heils a tower block

Bare bum bared

To a multi-storey

And there was so much more,


We lost the car and

The echo of his shrieks

In the concrete cavern

Excited him so

That the words I tried,

Like a poorly held piss,

To keep for you,

All sluiced away

On eddies of his delight