Dinner with friends

Until I sat down to eat

I did not know hunger

At the honesty

Of your scrubbed tabletop

I sit naked

You could nourish me with scraps

But you serve up

Your heart, your lungs, your eyes

Those jewels mined

In a place beyond time

And set in metals

Whose flow

Is slowed

Enough to Method stasis

In the midst of drift

Like a famished vampire

I pause at the threshold

Of your door

And will you again

To invite me in

Sorry already

Behind my grin

Will you feel it

If my fangs sink in?

Fearing I’ll suckle

‘Till there is no more

leave you as empty as me

Slack dry sacking

Husks on the floor

Such starvation

And rationing

I’ve learned to churn butter from raindrops

From sweat distill gin

Stockpot brimming

with pride and shame

I’ve served up poor sweetmeats

fattened friends all the same

How can I be now?

My chowing and cowing

My snuffling for truffles

My scraping and bowing

Table manners

Dinner party stammers


Could be better yet

I clatter the forks

And lick the knives

I might break glasses

I might offend wives

But I want to be here

At the table with you

Eating and laughing

Warbling and chiff-chaffing

Canines glinting in the sunlight -


Now I know hunger

can sit down to eat?

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