Intergalactic bachelorette

You told me

That on your planet

The gravity

Works inverse,

Knee-joints brace

Sabotaging skips,

That it repels

To the void

Anything of love,

Pulls to its bosom

Only shadow

Only pain

Then isn’t it possible

That there are parts of you too

That must break free

Like brilliant comets

Full of your imprint

And travel

Finding new orbits?

And isn’t this how

We met

In the black vastness

Without a sound

With pin pricks of light





All around us?

And isn’t this how

We all make with our little breakaway planets

Our multiverse

And people them

With the gravity of love

Of light

Our own light?

- that which we make

Purely of our kinesis

The warmth of it

Propelling us


From the black holes

Of the time before history

And into

The constellation

Of our lives

Where we all spin:

Orbs of love,

Shining our days

At each other

Around the axis

Of our nights

Lately I’ve been

Making you pictures of my planet

Spidery ink masses

Strobe light flashes

Illuminating crevasses,

You tell me

The landscapes

Are beautiful

Their specifities

All contain pi

One of these days

We will go back

And release the physics

Of your planet

By simply embracing it

With all the love we have learned

From each other

You will stand there

Arms linked

Thumbs pressed together

With the one you love

Whose orbit

Has not yet found yours

But will

And will encircle you

4 eva eva

Come out and look at the stars with me

You will see

They have your many faces