Narcissist does giving

Stop what you are doing


Behold this thing

This thing which is no doubt

The greatest thing

That has ever been given

For which you will be

Very Grateful

And awestruck


This thing

Which will no doubt

Render you happy for ever

Salve all your ills

For the next forty years

That you will never bother

To interrupt Me again

With complains of your life


Am I not

The greatest giver of gifts

You will no doubt want to tell

You friends, and my friends

And your family and your colleagues

Of my Great Generosity

What will you tell them exactly by the way?

Oh no not that!

Tell them this:

My Mother is the most wonderful and kindly of women

She is a woman who makes the best of things

A glass half full kind of woman

I woman I am lucky to have

A mother who with Her being

Resolves all my woes

For whom I am grateful

Like I am for this gift

She is like this gift in its largesse

Of giving

And like this gift

Deserving of your adoration

Your worship

Because of Her I am A Happy Person

I only wish I could be more like Her

And less like me

If only I could free her

From being

The victim of my existence

My nature

Poor perfect mother

With such a wretched child

Happy birth day to me

On this day

We celebrate Her

That She most selflessly gave me

To Herself