I’m so sorry that

I did not hold you

As you wept

Weeks you’d cared for him

His last days

Staring out

With somewhat feigned

Sanguine acceptance

At the multi-storey

From which we

Came and went

Whilst you constantly

Bustled cheerily

In and out

Of his

Sterile side-room

Delivering tea

As weak as him

Colluding compassionately

In the denial

That was his

Deathbed wish

No more

Could you hold

In your tears

As they

Lifted him

Like an Egyptian relic

By the sheets of his bed

Onto the gurney

That would take him

3 floors down

To the ambulance

Past drifting May cherry blossom

To die at home

The consultant was

All efficiency

Expressing her care

In clipped professionalism

And we fawned

At the false reassurance

That offered

Because we could not bear to feel

We left your raw humanity

To hang

Not even dad said goodbye