Hello everyone

Our ICO is nearing pre-sale so we want to give some updates on our operations

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Firstly we’ve got a huge update on our whitepaper and now it contains a more detailed and formalized description of how NYX access recovery works. We’ve also added info of such application as:

  • Decentralized democracy
  • Verified social networking
  • Third party applications through open smart-contract API (banking, crediting, identity for traveling and so on)

Secondly we’ve updated our Stage Alpha smart-contract to fully qualify whitepaper requirements. To lower gas expedenture we’ve also added a contract factory to generate a unique contract for each user because we don’t want to stumble upon the same problems Parity did (with external smart-contract as a library) but the topic of NYX smart-contract configuration on the blockchain is still under heavy research. …



First decentralised cryptocurrency and token access recovery solution.

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