NYX DD: Whitepaper update & contract factory

Hello everyone

Our ICO is nearing pre-sale so we want to give some updates on our operations

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Firstly we’ve got a huge update on our whitepaper and now it contains a more detailed and formalized description of how NYX access recovery works. We’ve also added info of such application as:

  • Decentralized democracy
  • Verified social networking
  • Third party applications through open smart-contract API (banking, crediting, identity for traveling and so on)

Secondly we’ve updated our Stage Alpha smart-contract to fully qualify whitepaper requirements. To lower gas expedenture we’ve also added a contract factory to generate a unique contract for each user because we don’t want to stumble upon the same problems Parity did (with external smart-contract as a library) but the topic of NYX smart-contract configuration on the blockchain is still under heavy research. We’re even exploring options to evade Ethereum blockchain and use, for example, IOTA tangle because it’s free of fee and might be a bit closer to the camera as an IoT device.

Currently we’re working on public release of GUI for NYX account. We will have some kind of web-based demo when pre-sale starts.

If you have some suggestions or wanna try the technology in our private-net contact me at support@nyx.insure :)

Cheers, Arseniy Lebedev

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First decentralised cryptocurrency and token access recovery solution.

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