Thoughts on Service Design-Code Lock

Today I’m gonna share some thoughts on code locks that are used in Ziroom.

Ziroom is the leading shared apartment service platform that bridges between host and renter nowadays in China ( You can picture it as Chinese EQR ) . As you might know, “immigrants” in big cities for jobs and opportunities need to rent shared apartment thanks to the high housing price in China. And platforms that provides not only apartments but ongoing service emerge as traditional housing agency can no longer fulfill the increasing need.

But how does Ziroom climb up to the dominant place in the market ?

Strategy and service quality definitely contribute to its success , but you can also tell from something small, like the touch point in its providing service: the code lock.

Ziroom’s apartment and its code lock

Code lock might be common used in building entrance. But so far Ziroom is the only platform I’ve noticed that installs code locks for each room in every apartments, other platforms are still using the traditional key-lock system. It does cost extra input, but when you dig deep into the tenement business, you can see its benefits.

Firstly, it brings convenience to users / renters since they no longer need to bring keys with them. So there’s no chance for drama like someone forgets the keys in the office or losses them when going out. Secondly, code locks reduce both time and money consuming when rooms are sublet. For security concern, you will have to recover all the keys or just install a new door lock for new renter when sublease happens. Now all you need to do is to change the password via several simple tab on your smart phone. Last but not least, since different renters use different passwords to enter the main door, when theft or other accident happens, you can even track to see who is responsible using password records.

Upfront input, wise touch point, long-term benefits for both service provider and users. In service design, we might not need to adopt things that are super advanced and smart, we just need to put the right thing in the right place.