How I stopped being a people pleaser
C. Befoune

I relate to this post more than I would like to admit. And it’s not even the “do it because you can” part but the “What will they think?” part. It’s keeping from doing so many things but I still let it be. I start something, like write an article, poste a snap, write a status and few seconds later delete it because of “what will they think?” “will they still like me?”. I’m trying to “do you, not them” but it frankly is easier said than done.

However I’m working on it and I won’t stop until I’ve reached the “Don’t care what you think” part. Not in the mean and arrogant way but it in “I need to be true to me” way.

Anyhow, thank you for the article. It really is encouraging to find people who’ve been through it and passed beyond it.

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