Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
Val Perry

> Dems are not “divided.” We don’t have an “identity crisis.” What we have is an extremist fringe faction, just like the other side has.

I’d love to see your evidence for that. It does not reflect the people I know and I definitely do not see myself living on “the fringe”. Many, if not most of the people I know are sick and tired of Corporate Democrats in the pockets of their donors and not their constituents. Those that feel this way are far from a minority fringe. How about you?

I think you are viewing the world through a lens of distortion call the Trump effect. Relative to him and the GOP any Democrat looks worlds apart from crazy so we all look pretty much the same. WRONG. 8 or 12 years ago Hillary might have been a fine candidate to fight against the GOP, but the world has moved on. To be honest, I feel the same way about Bernie — he’s just not the right person for the job. Who is? Honestly, I don’t know, but I’ll know him or her when I see them.

PS. Bernie is never going to run again, neither will Hillary. Even Warren seems unlikely at this point even though I wish she would. Hey, if she’s up for it I’d be happy to see her take it on — I just wish she’d been willing to go up against Hillary and Bernie and win that threesome and we’d have had the best of both worlds — strong female candidate and progressive platform not sucking up to Wall Street.

Either way, come 2018 a huge number of Democrats will be getting primaried so even the old school Democrats will be out. If Bernie is asking for unity it is unity against bullshit of sucking up to corporate interests and the GOP, not unity with with the same old bullshit within the party.

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