Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

This is the kind of rant I’d write, and have often written although I’d love to see it updated now the final release is out. As someone who hasn’t done any real front-end work for years and years (not including a brief play with Backbone maybe 3 years go) I’d considered looking at Angular, now I’m not so sure.

As a former Java developer I get the comments about Java — I loved how stable things were and how slowly and carefully APIs and the language evolved. There was no changing APIs three times before breakfast and leaving everyone’s code broken. Front-end JavaScript based tech is still the Wild West and the trend now seems to be bury it under another language and compilers and frameworks anyway.

I’d love to see a similar review of other front end tech like React, Elm and others (is there anything else worth trying anyway?).