O4S Team
O4S Team
Aug 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the primary factors that are revolutionizing the way companies performed strategic planning. With the help of these emerging technologies, companies can formulate decision making based on realized anomalies, patterns, and predictive insights in large data sets. Bringing in lower risks and higher profitability with managed data and improved performances, the technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the production-delivery management system, especially in the manufacturing industry. Let’s understand in detail how are these two, the Supply Chain Management and Machine Learning are connected to one another.

How is Machine Learning Improvising Supply Chain Management?

Fastening up the pace of delivery, the quality of supply and products, and understanding the consumer requirements in a better way, are some of how the technology is supporting improvement in supply chain management. The other impacts include:

Reduced Costs, Enhanced Performance

The inclusion of this technology in the supply chain management helps in developing a better understanding of the cost factors by analyzing areas of expenditure & measures of reducing the costs. The identification helps reducing freight costs, improving the delivery quality by addressing the right issues and minimizing the risk.

Better Insights

The latest techniques help organizations incorporate faster and better technologies within their processes. A collective approach of unsupervised, supervised learning and reinforcement learning, the recent technologies are proactively working on analyzing the factors severely affecting the management.

Analyzing Consumer Demands and Interest Better

The products or applications such as Original4Sure available in the market are a living example as to how the technology is helping in analyzing consumer demands and interests. Creating transparency between the user and the products they purchase by offering a detailed product description to the consumers and helping the brands in understanding consumer preferences. Such applications incorporating the latest technologies, help the brands in understanding what are the primary factors that drive the sales of a product. Thus, helping them identify the areas of improvement.

Better Quality and Management

Machine learning technologies adopted by the leading brands or companies of the manufacturing industry are now expanding their boundaries to the suppliers’ quality level. With technologies providing great insights into the supply chain, the leaders can incorporate better tracking and tracing hierarchies in the supply chain. Enhanced track and trace system’s inclusion helps in closely analyzing the patterns of suppliers’ quality levels and understanding the scope of improvement for better and satisfying customer service.

Improved Production Planning

Taking multiple factors and constraints in the account and closely watching each of them for accuracy and betterment, the technology provides a helping hand for improving production planning. The introduction of machine learning in the supply chain has helped in optimizing the production process, making it faster and smoother.

Improvising Customer Support Experience

By offering the customers a personalized experience, building the gap between the consumers and the suppliers, the technology helps the organization in offering a better customer support experience to the users. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help the user in connecting with the platform better and build a factor of loyalty among them, which further helps in sky-rocketing the sales for the company. Thus, these latest technologies play a crucial role in the supply chain for an organization.

Ending Note

Well, the involvement of this technology in the supply chain management system is quite revolutionizing via bringing various positive changes in terms of profitability and growth for the companies. Introduction of platforms like Original4Sure and Supplytics has made things easier and quicker for the supply chains of big companies, affecting the sales department positively. It seems the change is here to stay and shall rule the world in the coming time when machine learning and artificial intelligence will be automating everything in the manufacturing industry.

O4S Team

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O4S Team

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