Sudden Power Outages: How To Prepare For It?

Do you think you are prepared enough for dealing with an abrupt power outage? No? Then start taking precautions now to save hassles later.

Power outages are not very pleasant and can cause major disruption to your day-to-day activities if they occur abruptly. Fortunately, they may be dealt with to some extent by taking a few useful precautions. Just with little bit of careful planning, you will be able to ensure that your power requirements are fairly met.

To begin with, inspect all ways that your house makes use of electricity and then determine the things you will miss during an outage. Create a list of your basic necessities, which would be comprised of temperature regulation, light, water, cooking facilities and food. You can also put ‘entertainment’ as an additional requirement in your list.

Once you are done taking a note of the fundamentals, find out the kind of problem you can face from the climate of the region you live in. This is because the effect of power outages are greatly influenced by the climate of a place, such as heat waves, hurricanes and so on. It is important to take this kind of information into consideration while making advanced preparations for outages.

In case there is, by any means, a chance to experience a flood during an outage, make sure you store all vital documents like insurance & birth certificates inside plastic folders. Place those folders away somewhere upstairs or on the topmost shelf. Decide a spot where all of your family members can meet with you in case you get separated at the time of an emergency.

Keep ready the contact information of any reputed electrician in Epping. During an outage, if your house is the only one in the neighbourhood whose electricity has got knocked out, then you would be able to ask the professional to come and take a look at something faulty in the mains, perhaps a broken fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

Build an emergency kit using a small box and store various essential items in it like gas, matches, a camping stove, a radio, flashlights, a battery-operated hurricane lamp, copy of important keys, medications, cash and first aid. In addition to that, do keep non-perishable food, tin opener and bottled water to hand. If you want, you may even get a gas powered generator and a portable fan.

For keeping yourself and your family entertained, you can sit around the burner and tell ghost stories while sipping spicy apple juice. Apart from that, you may also play guitar, sing or go somewhere close for having fun if it’s safe to do so.