OAX DEX Software Development Kit

Feb 14, 2019 · 1 min read
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To coincide with the recent release of our DEX platform to the Rinkeby testnet, we’re proud to announce the availability of our software development kit (SDK).

This SDK allows the user to interact with our DEX platform using its built-in command line interface, or developers can use the provided API to integrate it into a UI or their own applications.

We’ve already published the OAX client as an NPM module. For installation instructions, refer to our Github repository:

Current version of NodeJS (v11.9.0 at time of writing).

Here’s a video demonstrating the installation of use of the client:

Tutorial on How to Install the OAX Platform Starter Kit

Feel free to join our Discord if you have development-related questions:

To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact our Director of Business Development, Raphael Tressieres (raphael@oax.org).

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