OAX Foundation and Enuma Technologies to Host AMA on Reddit

Here at OAX Foundation, we are thrilled that through the collaboration with Enuma Technologies, a breakthrough of more than 1,000 TPS in a testnet environment for the OAX platform has been achieved, reaching an important milestone in realizing the vision of establishing an open, transparent, and decentralized exchange ecosystem for cryptocurrencies.

Along with Enuma Technologies, OAX Foundation is hosting an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) Session on the OAX Foundation subreddit.

Due to the overwhelming response we have received after the initial announcement about the AMA on our social media, we have decided to adjust the AMA to be a 3-day-event, running from 14:00 (HKT/GMT+8) on Monday, February 25th 2019, to 18:00 (HKT/GMT+8) on Wednesday, February 27th 2019.

This AMA will mainly focus on the technology of the OAX platform, but if you have any other question pertaining to our business development or marketing, please do ask as well!

Wayland Chan, OAX Director of Technology, along with the team from Enuma Technologies, will be happy to take your technology questions.

Raphaël Tressieres, OAX Director of Business Development, will be taking your questions pertaining to Business Development.

Kelvin Wong, OAX Executive Director of Branding and Communications, will be taking your Marketing questions.

Please check out the details below and see how you may win 200 OAX Tokens by participating and asking the best questions during the AMA*!

OAX + Enuma Technologies Reddit AMA Participation and Prize Distribution Details
To encourage participation, we will distribute 200 OAX Tokens each to 5 participants who provide the best questions during the AMA.


1. Subscribe to the OAX Foundation subreddit before 14:00 (HKT/GMT+8) on Monday, February 25th 2019.

2. Submit your questions to the OAX + Enuma AMA between 14:00 (HKT/GMT+8) on Monday, February 25th 2019 and 18:00 (HKT/GMT+8) on Wednesday, February 27th 2019.

3. We will open the AMA thread at 14:00 sharp on February 25th. Ask a question by posting it directly under the AMA thread.

Prize Winner Selection and Distribution*:

  1. OAX Foundation will select 5 participants with the best questions to win 200 OAX Tokens each.
  2. Winners will be announced during the week of March 11th.
  3. Awarding will be finalized before Friday, March 22nd 2019.
  4. Please note that each participant may win only one prize.

OAX Foundation and Enuma Technologies look forward to your questions!

* Terms and Conditions apply. OAX Foundation [OAX] will have full discretion in determining the winners. [OAX] may require the winners to complete procedures it determines appropriate before processing any transfers. [OAX] reserves all rights of determination with respect to any uncertainty or disputes.

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