What Does Success Look Like?

By Liam Bussell

As the team sits here, two hours after project launch, we have sold 18,000,000 OAX tokens.

9.50 PM Hong Kong Time
What a difference 15 minutes makes!

The team are exhausted but happy. Most of us admit that we cannot remember the last time we have worked this hard for this long.

Blastoff! -Do these people seem happy?

The project has consumed the vast majority of our time and resources over the last few months and has taken a life of its own. We all feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. But it isn’t just the project team, its all of the community as well. The users, the backers, the supporters, the tireless hours given by our guys in Russia, China and Korea, the US and a dozen other countries who believe what we are trying to do and see the value of the openANX proposition. It’s a great feeling.

Look at the video and the picture that accompany this article. These guys all believe very strongly in this project. They have worked hard, stayed late, and delivered. This is what success is. If it comes easy it has no value.

Tomorrow, we’ll all be back in the office. We’ll be rubbing our tired eyes and getting back to it. We aim to deliver something of value, something cool, and great. We look forward to working with the community that came out to support us.

Forgive us if we are slightly slower than usual tomorrow, or a little less quick on the uptake. That’s the lack of sleep catching up with us. We’ll be good after the weekend though.

We’d like to thank all our advisors, Jehan Chu, who has tirelessly supported the project from Day #1, Peter Smith, who saw the value as soon as he understood the potential of the project, and Chandler Guo, who without his help we could not have succeeded in China.

Last, but not least, thanks to you guys in the community, our backers and supporters. We couldn’t have done this without you.