A Blood Donor Saved My Life, part 1

By: Kaitlyn Sharp- Marshall

Sorry for the late post followers. I will pick up the pace once midterms are over but I just wanted to share my notes with you all from Sundays sermon(2/28/16). Pastor Fleming titled this sermon A Blood Donor Saved My Life, part 1coming from the book of Isaiah 53:10–12

The blood is a critical thing, a necessity because we can die from loss of blood. The physical blood symbolizes the spiritual blood in this situation. People get sick and sometimes end up in need of a transfusion. A transfusion is taking good blood placing it into a sick body. The body is able to heal when it receives the transfusion and accepts the blood of the donor as its own.
It’s about life beyond life. Gods blood is what sustains us, giving us everlasting life. Therefore, when we are lacking and needing a transfusion of faith, our spiritually sick bodies must accept His blood as our own. He died for our sins and we are His children, so what’s ours is His and what’s His is ours. His blood is therefore the perfect match! Seven hundred years before the birth of Christ, God revealed to Isaiah the Messiah was coming. Isaiah tells the people that He will come and He will not be all extravagant but look just like man.

Verse 4: Necessity of the donor- “Surley He has born our griefs.” Jesus doesn’t run away from the means of salvation. We have an incurable disease which is sin. People try to justify sin and rationalize. The fall of man happened with one act of disobedience. Satan said it was okay to eat the fruit but God said it wasn’t. “Lean not to your own understanding,” We will only be blessed through obedience.

Verse 10: “ Yet it pleased the Lord to crush him.” God has a greater purpose for your life than you ever imagined. Ex:Story of Abraham and his son (he trusted God when he said sacrifice Issac) God will supply. What father would sacrifice his only son? The pain of losing his son was minimized by the saving of so many lives. This is why God gave Jesus to shed His blood for us. We must look at the price of the offering. “ Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness,” He offers the sacrifice on the cross and becomes the sacrifice all at the same time. Jesus is the high priest that becomes the lamb of God. There is indeed pleasure in the donation. It’s just something good about giving something of value. God gave his life because He had the power to pick it up again.

There is someone out there in need of a spiritual transfusion and we should be able to testify that the ultimate blood donor saved our lives! Share this with someone you love today and join us next Sunday for part 2.

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