Multi Diag Access J2534: VCI serial not found the solution

Error: “VCI serial not found” in Actia Multi Diag Access J2534

O.S.: 2 different laptops with 2 fresh installation off windows XP

VCI serial : A070026


Step 1: Installation of multidiag office Step 2: open multi diag after installation, choose USB Actia Passthru

Step 3: Enter VCI serial : A070026

And all the time i get the “VCI serial not found”, anyway i cancel that Windows.
 Put the Serial number get by the Keygen, and even in the Multidiag office interface if i try to put the serial “A070026” i get the error 2 xxxxxx

I reflash also the VCI with the VCI flsh tool get in this Forum to be sure to get the good serial “A070026” and plug it in the Car and reopen Multidiag and same error all the time.

I put “A070027” and that work, i try also to look for the “A070027” in the registery and replace it by “A070026”, but still no way to get a DIag

I Install the Actia I-2010 (19.09) from 2 sources to be sure, 1 get from Rapidshare and the Other from Torrent.

Same Thing.


(all solutions here are shared by users; you’re trying on your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!)

Solution 1:

look at the AT530 file in C:\ACTIA\Multi-Di@g\AT530\Key open it with notepad

and look and search for 70026

if you don’t find it you have the wrong MD DVD
 free download MultiDiag I-2010 A070026 (Multi-Di@g)

Solution 2:

Try to Re-Flash your VCI with the Flash Tool Via RS232 and IF still you meeting this problem
 your VCI needs immediately repair! It is “Common” LQ Clone Hardware issue!

Good Luck!

Solution 3:

you need to register the machine, look the attachment about how to get the serial number.

  1. In the process of installation, please set “ Communication Interface” as “USB”, set “VCI serial number” as “A070026”.
  1. When appears this window, please fill A070026, then click the green button.
  1. After finishing installation, it will appear this picture in the screen of Mutil Diag, click the green button.
  1. Contact your supplier to get the password, fill it in, then click the green button.

5.When use it, if it appears this dialog box, please choose “ don’t display this message again”, then click the green button to confirm it.

Done! Have fun with Mutidiag J2534!

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