To me, much of the recent ‘anti-design’ seems inspired by the work of David Carson and others.
Esby Ebbesson

I didn’t know of David Carson so thank you for introducing me to his works! Do you know anyone else in a similar vein? And I can’t argue with you there, I think you’re bang on target.

I actually don’t agree with that this wave of anti-design is somehow more shallow and empty than earlier examples. Taylor Swift’s artwork, for example, seems like a comment on how she’s treated in the media. But I suppose this varies from artwork to artwork and artist to artist. I have to ask, though, how come an origin from alt movements/zine cultures denotes credibility for a design/art movement?

Well, pure aesthetics has a place in graphic design, too. But I suppose there’s (almost) always a sense of rawness or abrasiveness to the anti-design, especially by the aforementioned Carson.

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