Introducing The Yida Photography Exhibit

a powerful traveling media project about the crisis in Sudan

The Yida Photography Exhibit examines the crisis in Sudan through the lives of those who have escaped. The 313 breathtaking images featured in this traveling exhibit are part of a collection of 4,535 photos taken in Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence’s photographers.

Yida Refugee Camp sits just a few miles south of the international border that divides Sudan and South Sudan. This community is home to tens of thousands of people who have fled the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, where the country’s dictatorship has waged a genocidal war against the Nuba people since 2011. Official humanitarian and media access to the area has been banned by the dictatorship, but this has not stopped the most determined nonprofits and journalists from reaching the Nuba people.

Yida is an immersive experience that takes your community into what life is like in the refugee camp. The entire exhibit is designed after several physical locations in the camp, like this laundry area:

But this is more than your average photo exhibit. Throughout this experience, your community will be introduced to the crisis in Sudan, different aspects of community and life in Yida, and tangible ways to get involved in supporting the Sudanese people through fundraising and giving. Click or tap through the photos below to see more.

Host The Exhibit

The Yida Photography Exhibit is available for churches, universities, schools, and community groups in the Greater Memphis area to host for the remainder of 2017. If you are interested in bringing this exhibit to your institution and community, please CONTACT US HERE »

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and sign up for email updates to get updates on when and where the exhibit is traveling.

About Operation Broken Silence

Operation Broken Silence is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization leading a global movement for peace and justice in Sudan through innovative programs.

We come alongside the Sudanese to tell their story through stunning documentaries and photo exhibits. We then use our media to inspire people around the world to join our movement. Our movement fundraises for and gives to lifesaving medical, relief, and education programs on the ground. Learn more at

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