Golden Ticket Bounty Campaign: Deadline Extension!

Following the relaunch of Ø Crypto Union, we were delighted to launch our spectacular Golden Ticket Bounty Campaign in late July. The campaign extended four sectors of qualification; namely, translation, Twitter, content creation and newsletter bounties. We are overwhelmed by the strong support we have received from bounty participants. Thank you!

Originally, the campaign was set to conclude on September 3rd. However, given campaign engagement, we are excited to announce the extension of this deadline! In order to offer our wider community the opportunity to get involved and earn some generous amounts of GXE, as well as Golden Tickets to our end of campaign prize draw! As such, the campaign is now set to conclude on September 30th.

To find out all the further details and get involved then head over to our Bounty announcement thread on BitcoinTalk:

GXE is listed on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

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