White Helmets Project

Our classroom sat stunned as we watched the scene unfold onscreen. A man crawled on his hands and knees to pull a one-month-old baby from the rubble of a recently bombed building.

We, the Out-of-Door Academy Innovators, are a group of student leaders providing support for organizations around the world. Our current mission is to create knee pads for the White Helmets, a group of Syrian civilians volunteering their time and lives to save others affected by the bombings in Aleppo, Syria.

After watching the documentary, The White Helmets, we feel empowered by the courage and motivation these men and women have to save others during these life-threatening times. The White Helmets sparked an interest in our hearts, allowing us to begin our journey in helping these courageous people.

Instead of donating money to the White Helmets organization, we want to be involved in making an impact. A simple five minutes spent on their website www.whitehelmets.org revealed a concrete need for supplies such as knee and elbow pads.

At our school, we have 3D printers to create the knee pads. We have reached out to the White Helmets on Twitter about our ideas for the project and as a group, we are all very excited to be involved in helping. It is crucial that we help keep these men and women as safe as possible while protecting the people of Aleppo.

The ODA Innovators are excited to share with the world what we have created. As of now, we are just beginning our project and have started to make a few different prototypes with the 3D printer.

How can you help?

For more information on our journey, our Twitter account is @ODA_Innovators