ODDS Official Update 9/21/18

The first of many regular updates from the ODDS Team

Hello and welcome to the first in the series of ODDS Official Updates. To keep our community informed and up to date with our progress, we will be posting updates regarding Platform Development, Marketing and Team News frequently on our Medium Page.

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The Team

Considering this is the first Official Update in the series, let us introduce our core team and their responsibilities.

Gary Francis — CTO

Gary Francis is our Chief Technical Officer. He is the lead developer and solutions architect of our platform. Aside from the core development, he is responsible for all technical aspects of our platform, the design of our blockchain as well as the day-to-day management of the development team. With over 18 years of experience architecting enterprise projects and leading successful development teams, his knowledge is invaluable.

Thomas Larkin — COO

Thomas Larkin is our Chief Operations Officer. He will be leading our officer level team to ensure they hit their goals and milestones, as well as managing operations of the company. Thomas has conceptualized many of the key components of our offerings, and continues to work extensively with the development team. Drawing on more than a decade’s worth of experience as an entrepreneur and business executive, Thomas is instrumental in shaping the future of ODDS and the gambling industry as a whole.

Matthew Rush — CCO

Matthew Rush is our Chief Communications Officer. His primary focus is ensuring brand integrity on any of our public facing facets. He will work directly with community managers, and with marketing efforts to ensure our voice is consistent across platforms. He’s done extensive proofreading and editing of the current whitepaper and has an extremely solid grasp of our technical and operational goals.

Kristal Oknefski — Compliance Manager

Our most recent team addition is Kristal Oknefski. She has been brought on as a Compliance Manager and will be dealing exclusively with securities authorities to make sure we’re always within regulations. She’s been in direct communication with the SEC non-stop untangling the disarray that is securities regulations, which is invaluable to our compliance focused business.


This Monday, September 17, 2018, we officially launched our Private Sale. We are aiming to raise $5m USD in this round. Our Private Sale is open to accredited US investors and qualifying international investors. Visit our portal to see if you qualify.

To help us gain visibility with investors, we’ve listed ourselves on several platforms. Most notably, ICO Bench, has given us a very respectable rating which places us as the #10 of 130 total casino focused projects on their site.

We have had a ton of validation from highly respectable folks in the industry, and we’re even more confident than ever that we are on the right path. Through our research, the projects getting the most attention and funding are infrastructure and gambling projects, which we fit snugly in between.

Marketing & Website

The immediate future will be a defining time period for ODDS. We’re finally coming out of hiding and showing the world what we have to offer. It goes without saying that developing this platform has been no easy task but we’ve made significant progress in the last few months and we are now proud to announce our offering publicly.

We chose to use our talented in-house team to build the website rather than outsourcing to a creative agency. This not only allowed us to save money that can be better spent on the building of our platform services, but also allowed us to showcase the talents of the team. If you haven’t visited the ODDSchain website yet, please do.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team, and thank you for reading. If you would like to be informed of our recent events please follow our Medium Channel.

The ODDS Team