Deep learning-based computer vision has plenty of real-life applications. In particular, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures are commonly used across multiple CV tasks as they have high accuracy. But their strength leads also to a weakness point, as a little perturbation to an input image/frame can make them fail. Would it be possible to interpret why a CNN failed when receiving input from an adversarial sample? Several interpretability techniques exist for other kinds of structured or semi-structured data, few only specialized for unstructured data such as visual content. …

Adversarial Image Explanation Through Alibi

Deep learning-based computer vision has plenty of real-life applications. However, would it be possible to interpret why a CNN failed when receiving input from an adversarial sample?

Top 10 Machine Learning and AI Research Labs in Europe

From automation and streamlining retail to improving the human condition, these AI research labs in Europe are at the top of their game.

Binary Logistic Regression Overview

This article goes over some use cases for logistic regression and walks through the steps of applying this classification algorithm for data forecasting.

Bonus Events and Networking Coming to ODSC Europe…

Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of certificates as a means for data scientists to build new skills. Companies, such as Google, have even begun offering their own, with promising results. This popularity may be a result of the fact that a machine learning certificate can offer similar amounts of knowledge for less time and costs. There are numerous other benefits as well.

Go From a Junior to Senior Role

There is a lot that can be learned on the job. However, when you learn a skill from a singular experience, you may lack the depth and breadth of…

One of the best parts of data science is that algorithms developed for one application turn up in other applications they were not originally designed for! This is very true in the world of fraud and anomaly detection. Many algorithms have their foundation elsewhere but find their usefulness in detecting rare events and data points. One great example of this would be isolation forests!

May has come, bringing with it not only flowers and seasonal allergies, but also new live and on-demand training sessions from Ai+ Training. Subscribers to Ai+ Training will get immediate access to on-demand sessions and exclusive discounts to virtual live data science training sessions.

Upcoming Live Data Science Training Sessions:

Hands-on Intro to Unsupervised Learning with Ankur Patel, Head of Data, Glean

During this live data science training session, you will learn how unsupervised learning fits into the machine learning ecosystem, as well as get hands-on experience applying both linear and nonlinear dimensionality reduction and evaluating the results.

Deep Unsupervised…

Music has been a way for us to express ourselves for quite a while now. And as we evolve, our society evolves, our technology evolves, and also, our instruments evolve. Last century we started using electronics to create music and this has provided us with so many new sounds and ways to create and experience music. These days it’s normal for us when some person stands behind their machinery with some prepared set of songs. Music blasts out of the speakers. The bass beats at a ridiculous volume, causing the earth to tremble. And we rave on and about. As…

Although ODSC Europe is an ideal conference for building new in-demand and job-ready skills in machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and much more, it is also much more than that. ODSC Europe 2021 this June 8th-10th also features several networking opportunities that will bring you together with your peers, expert speakers, and potential mentors and employers. Check out some of our confirmed networking events below.

AI Solution Showcase Expo

Engage with leading AI solution providers at the AI Expo, including SAS, Red Hat, and Microsoft Azure to learn about the products and solutions that will help you automate machine learning…

As much as we hear about data science and artificial intelligence, not even 10% of companies have implemented any form of it in their organization yet. It’s not like there aren’t options available, as there are countless solution providers that offer machine and deep learning, NLP, and automation services for interested companies. If that’s not the issue, then what is? Here are a few reasons why more companies aren’t implementing AI as much as they could be.

You don’t know what they want yet

Where do you even get started with implementing AI? Between automation, sentiment analysis, analytics, and more…

After a year and a half of virtual conferences, ODSC will be returning to an in-person conference for ODSC West this November 16th-18th. We cannot wait to reconnect with our friends and colleagues from across the country, and catch up on how you all have been doing over the past year. To enable more people to attend the conference safely, ODSC West 2021 will be a hybrid event: part in-person, part virtual.

Finding That Needle! Isolation Forests for Anomaly Detection

While not its original intention, isolation forests have become a great method for anomaly detection. See why here.

Using GANs to Explore Sound Space

This article explores the use of generative adversarial networks to create sound space and to take a deep dive into music and sound.

Fields Hiring for Machine Learning Experts in 2021

2020 brought a lot of changes to the data science landscape. 2021 has continued on that path, bringing changes to industries hiring machine learning experts.

Call for ODSC West 2021 Speakers and Content Committee Members

Want to…

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