The open-source project, Data Science Live Book, is now available!

For those just beginning to embark on a data science career, data scientist Pablo Casas’ Data Science Live Book offers a guided path into the nitty-gritty of the field. Casas presently works as a Machine Learning Specialist at, and his book sheds light on many of the typical obstacles that arise throughout the data analysis and machine learning workflow. Any newcomer to data science is bound to be plagued by questions, and Casas sets out to answer them in a comprehensive manner.

Data Science Live Book chronologically steps through all stages of the analytical process, kicking off with “Exploratory Data Analysis,” then segueing into “Data Preparation,” “Selecting Best Variables,” and, finally, “Assessing Model Performance.” In the words of Casas, “some data sets require more sculpting than others.” Sculpting, per se, is a technique that involves transforming data to tease out its most critical information. Casas’ book might be considered an extended lesson in the art of data sculpting.