Research into data science and artificial intelligence is non-stop. As the world speeds up or slows down in other ways, there are always researchers looking to push the boundaries of what we can do with data, automation, and robotics. In the APAC region, including parts of Asia and the Pacific region (especially in Australia), there are plenty of research institutions that have made some interesting developments in recent years and we’d like to shine a spotlight on some APAC AI Research Universities.


The University of Tokyo: Multiple Labs

Within the University of Tokyo, there are a number of exciting research…

Thanks to insights from our ODSC West researchers, attendees, and instructors we’ve pulled together some of the trending machine learning topics of 2021. We’re excited to host some of the leading experts and top contributors in each of these topics. Here are a few of our top picks.

MLOps Everywhere

MLOps has been featured at ODSC since 2018, but it really took off in 2020. It seems every company is offering an MLOps solution and it’s easy to see why. As machine learning (ML) pipelines grow more complex, practitioners are embracing DevOps and data engineering best practices to build MLOps…

Just a few years ago, almost nobody was building software to support the surge of new machine learning apps coming into production all over the world. Every big tech company, like Google, Lyft, Microsoft, and Amazon rolled their own AI/ML tech stack from scratch.

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Fast forward to today and we’ve got a Cambrian explosion of new companies building a massive array of software to democratize AI for the rest of us.

Since I wrote the Rise of the Canonical Stack for machine learning about the state of the art in machine learning in 2020…

This tutorial demonstrates a few features of PyTorch Profiler that have been released in v1.9. PyTorch. Profiler is a set of tools that allow you to measure the training performance and resource consumption of your PyTorch model. This tool will help you diagnose and fix machine learning performance issues regardless of whether you are working on one or numerous machines. The objective is to target the execution steps that are the most costly in time and memory and visualize the workload distribution between GPUs and CPUs. This effort is a collaboration between Microsoft and PyTorch to help PyTorch users execute…

Best Machine Learning Research of 2021 So Far

With topics like explainable/interpretable ML, federated learning, gradient boosting, causal inference, ROC analysis, and many others, 2021 has been a great year for machine learning research already.

The Rapid Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning

The canonical stack for machine learning has evolved greatly in just six months. See its progress here and how you can implement it yourself.

Highlighting Artificial Intelligence Research Universities and Labs in the APAC Region

The APAC region has some exceptional AI research universities, many of which are studying novel uses for ML, DL, NLP…

The start of 2021 saw many prominent research groups extending the state of machine learning science to consistently greater heights. In my efforts to keep pace with this accelerated progress, I’ve noticed a number of hot topics that are gaining the attention of researchers: explainable/interpretable ML, federated learning, gradient boosting, causal inference, ROC analysis, and many others. In this article, we’ll take a journey through my top picks of papers for the first half of 2021 that I found compelling and worthwhile. Through my effort to stay current with the field’s research advancement, I found the directions represented in these…

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), where computer systems independently find solutions to complex problems using recurring patterns in databases. Put differently, machine learning helps IT systems to recognize patterns from existing algorithms and datasets, then go ahead and develop appropriate solutions. Today, the healthcare sector is the leading industry in the adoption of machine learning technology in areas such as the treatment of chronic diseases, the development of advanced medical procedures, and the handling of patient data and records. …

Machine learning certifications are picking up a lot of steam for job-seekers and those looking to make a lateral move from their field. Data analysts, business analysts, and other professionals who use data are finding themselves intrigued by the premise of machine learning, but may not have the time or resources to devote themselves to another college degree. For those looking to obtain a machine learning certificate, here are a few things that you should consider when choosing one.

What do you actually learn with a machine learning certificate?

Some places will offer a machine learning certificate that’s rather barebones and focuses more on receiving the certificate than actually learning…

ODSC West 2019 feels like forever ago, and after the whirlwind year of 2020, it might as well have been. It was also our last in-person event, as we shifted to virtual events since then due to COVID-19. As we continue preparations for ODSC West 2021 — our first in-person event in almost two years — we’d like to look back on the West 2019 to show what we love about our community, the lessons we’ve learned from the past year, and how this will change in-person events moving forward.

Keynotes from Dawn Song and Rachel Thomas

ODSC West 2019…

Data science and artificial intelligence are everywhere. So are video games. It’s no surprise that it was only a matter of time until people started getting creative with combining the two in unique ways. And no, I’m not talking about improving in-game AI (because clearly, Skyrim doesn’t care), and I’m not talking about analyzing game sales either. Today, I want to look at some fun ways that people have used reinforcement learning in the world of gaming, ranging from creating new AI to beating the game using bots.

First of all, what is reinforcement learning?

Short answer (aka the answer…

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