Frankie’s Christmas : A festive wish

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Frankie: “Dad, what’s global warming?”

Dad: “Oh, it’s when you produce so much smoke it acts as a blanket and heats up the earth.”

Frankie: “So what makes the smoke?”

Dad: “Burning fuel to make electricity. But our fire is smoke free of course!”

Frankie: “Do you think we should turn off our tree lights?”

Dad: “I think we’ll be ok to leave them on! … Maybe we’ll turn the outside lights off!”

The world can be a complex place. See how Frankie and his colleagues at grapple with the thorny public policy issues of our time in “”, a cartoon strip by Stik, especially for the OECD Observer.

(This Frankie strip originally appeared in OECD Observer No 258/259, December 2006.)

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