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Five Very Hot Takes on Mike Will Made It & Rihanna’s “Nothing Is Promised,” the Actual Song of…
Scott Thomas

SECOND FOOTNOTE: I know what you’re thinking: but Scott, what about Coloring Book? Well you’re right, Voice of Public Opinion — Coloring Book is pretty damn special. Some have argued it’s the best summer rap album ever. It’s not all fun and games yet it instantly lifts your spirits. Why isn’t this THAT summer record I crave?

Because I would submit, I suppose, that it doesn’t feel “seasonal” to me; that its almost beyond-Technicolor plalate makes feel not of this Earth if anything; if it’s a summer rap record, it’s July in Alice’s Wonderland.

Put another way: when the album dropped in mid May, a one-day-only mini carnival was raised on Chicago’s South Side to celebrate its release — it had face-painting, bouncy castles, games and church pews. Stuff you recognize in far-out colors, alien but special. THAT’S Chance’s Coloring Book lik— like that pop up, it rolls into your life like the wildest traveling circus, transports you to a world ways away, then vanishes like so much weed smoke. It’s so strange and transportive that I cannot call it “summer” anything. AOTY? Possibly.

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