• Suzanne Rozier

    Suzanne Rozier

    media, film, design, comics, animation, web dev, gaming

  • Lee Clark

    Lee Clark

    Design lead at KM UK

  • monapatel


    Builder, nurturer, driver and designer of my business and life. CEO and author, UX expert, professor, mentor, and contributor. Mommy and Yogi.

  • Autumn A. Arnett

    Autumn A. Arnett

    Autumn A. Arnett is an education reporter and editor and an avid sports fan based in Austin, Texas. www.a2arnett.com

  • Lord Bailey

    Lord Bailey

    The only thing that gets me high is the musky scent of my enemy's fear

  • Andy Phillips

    Andy Phillips

    My passion in life is User Experience

  • Yulia Sachkova

    Yulia Sachkova

    Help Designers Grow their Businesses @Webydo | Startups and Entrepreneurship | Performing Dancer #webdesign #creativity #designthinking #SEO #websites #codefree

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