#RegularsOnly x NYE

Welcoming in 2017

The temperatures fell to the low 40’s, as friends and family filed into the backyard compound in West Oakland. Chili was served, hot cocoa was poured and the fire pit was lit. Some folks dodged the smoke in effort to roast marshmallows, others just got roasted — smoking. The cold Bay Area night didn’t stop people from dancing, as DJ Pee Dot Scott and Erk Tha Jerk double teamed the turntables, a couple dozen people slid across the wood chip flooring like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Around 11 o’clock, a neighbor named Toby took to the stage, asked the DJ to pause the music, and then she invited us to all celebrate the the final day of Hanukkah with her. She and her husband, Yonatan, led us through the story and the significance of lighting the menorah, as they simultaneously lit it.

After the Holy observance, the music came back on and spun for a few more minutes, until another pause came about: it was time for the countdown to the New Year. The crowd of roughly 200 people, spread amongst four conjoined backyards, popped bottles and hugged as the year 2017 A.D. fell upon us. After the celebratory roar, an emcee named Champ Green grabbed the microphone and laid down one of the greatest speeches on American soil since Lou Gehrig dropped his infamous bars at Yankee stadium on July 4th, 1939. Green gave well wishes to all of the attendees, their parents, their young-ass grand parents and anyone who shops at Target or dd’s.

Above is Green’s full speech, and below are a handful of photos. Enjoy! And happy New Year from the RegularsOnly family.