A Faint Clap Of Thunder

The sun folds itself in the inner nook of my eyes

bends its knees to sip meekly out of it

a docile fire

The wind regurgitates in its travels the sound of laughter

a hurricane tempered joy clogged in my throat with praises

a skinny breath

The earth holds sermons for my feet

it spins and spins in a fervent praise laying bare in its dimensions the honesty of life

an impatient truth

There must be something more poetic
about these rivers than just the way they lose themselves to oceans.

a maddening water

i sanctioned inner monologues to the glory and fall of religion

worshipped myself in blood, poison and fire

danced to the beat of a dying heart

a heart well known for trainspotting a recycled wish

i remain as myself birthed from a prayer

shaken loose the biting shackles of my own ignorance

contested the wrongs in me to sacrifice on the altar of self love

because regardless of the constitution of my skin i still believe in freedom.

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