Rape culture, and getting raped culture
Abdullahi Arebi

A person is not a house, rape is not rain.

To begin with the first part of my sentence, a person, along with their goals, dreams, likes, dislikes, fears, etc… A person is infinitely more complicated (even on a cellular level) than a possession.

The reason no one tolerates the concept that women should protect themselves when they go out is because as a woman, as a person that infringes on the very first right being a person affords you. Free Will.

That’s it. Women want to be free. And to tell a woman that that freedom that is afforded to all persons is inaccessible to her is to continue to propagate the thought process that she is below a person and as such does not deserve all the privileges of a person.

So rather than ask women to carry an umbrella in the rain, we need a society where women (and anyone else) can go out without fear of getting wet even if they decide not to take an umbrella. Simply because they decided to.

It’s an uphill climb and no one can deny that but that is what we’re looking towards and that is all that matters.

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