remember to love

in increments

step by step

quake by quake

a shatter and a fall

sideways, left, right, left behind

show me constellations

show me love

starve and feed me

take me somewhere away from this city of dreams

actually make me yours

paint me in the colours of the sun

again and again

break hues on this earth

break bread in my thighs

scratch my name in those walls

red and yellow and iridescent


Speeding down the 406 and they’re melting into the chewed leather chairs of a dusty four wheeler slithering in these 2 laned roads. Everything is like a soft waiting and time of course is sticky again. A black treacle night sky.

“what’s the issue?”
“ you keep asking me to blow up your phone with my ass!”

The aluminium starts flashing Amber then Mercury then Amber. It’s an ambulance. They don’t know if there’s anyone in there. They wait, a lot of waiting, at the lights.

“I’m just sayin’ if we smashin’ then why not?”

The quiet seems almost scripted, very scripted, very heavy.

Something shifts. It’s just the lights phasing to green. It’s time to go and after all this time maybe nothing has really changed and they both know but she asks

“are we just fucking?”

He revs up the engine the whole situation runs out of gas. Dust clouds roll in their wake for a long time and morning comes.


Pray for me. I’m careless with my words and I have left many stranded hearts. I have strangled the joys of passion, watered fruits of forgiveness and done it all over again. I’m saving all my prayers for love and I’m unrepentant this time.