I’m impatient so i’m posting this unfinished poem from a series now instead of later.

look through for the vacancy

vulnerability so maybe you’ll pray for me

hair curly bounce like skin in the moonlight

i could never bite right

i said she got a laugh like fine wine

she said don’t be corny

now we’re too busy breaking glass ceilings to make more room for the pain

cautious expletives

holy the stained soul found in redemption

my testimony gained traction in the pews

so you’re never alone when you hear the news

who will you be when the truth is naked

ironies subverted

a vain recollection of a dream

hunted through the cracks in your iris

dancing on the bedroom floor with all these words in your mouth to the taste of the end of love

pumping desire through the heartflesh of your loved ones

as solitary as we are the conscious is social

and we are the children of bridges looking for a foothold