La Joie de L’eau – Water’s Joy

my heart




three times before I am drinking you in

falling into the deepest parts of you

gasping you


at the banks of natures reverie

where fluid and satisfaction coincide

I will bathe you on

wear you like oil scented linen robes

you a refreshing voice

the depths of my joy

a silhouette to be painted

a bathing Bathsheba

and maybe in the waves

when they break (when we are no longer together) there’ll be a sigh

a trickle of rain

a downpour of emotion

a short swim (a struggle of flailing arms and warring feet)

before erupting out of the water (our love in this poems case)

maybe we’ll learn to float

on our backs


numbering the eyes of the night sky

conferring with all the other citizens of loves madness

before we steal back in to the joys of the water

to be rebirth Venus

Beauty made from blood and oceans flood