A Pep Talk For Single Girls

Just think of it this way:

You are a gift. Everything about you. You’re so cute and so special, what a nice bootie you have.

You’re talented. Smart, funny and independent. Girl, you make good money.

You have adventures. And they don’t just happen to you, you make them happen.

You come with good people. Whoever gets to spend time with you gets to spend time with your people. How lucky is that?

You’re good at sex and you like to eat. You’re everything!

Whoever gets you? That’s one lucky son-of-a-b. They better deserve you. You’ve spent too much time taking care of people who did not deserve even… your littlest toenail.

Don’t rush. Be open to new situations and new people and trust that the right thing will happen at the right time. Whatever you want, that’s what will happen.

Until then, all you can do is whatever makes you happy and is good for you. Or at least, not that bad for you.

Oh, you… You are a real catch.

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