I’ve use all 3 on a daily basis for the past few years.
Rhoy Pamparo

Same, I use all 3 every day, because I have a desktop PC dual booted with Linux & Windows and a MacBook air. I use Windows for gaming, Linux for programming on multiple screens and Mac for school and programming on the go, I like Linux a lot but there have been a lot of times Mac has just plain worked better for me. I’ve still got 1,5 years left in highschool, and when going to uni, I’m probably buying a MacBook Pro.

Edit: with some help from Owen Williams 's blog, char.gd, I was able to install the Windows Linux Subsystem which allows you to use the Linux command line in Linux even with my favorite zsh & terminal set-up (pure prompt, hyper with hyper-snazzy plugin).

And after discovering that display scaling on Macbook pro & 4k tv is horrible, my dream laptop has switched to the Dell XPS 15 4k.

Even though I did not install the creators update through the insider builds, 80% of the functionality is still there but the extra 20% is coming on April 11th.

Stuff you’ll miss without the creators update: command line simple http servers ☹ and starting windows programs from the Linux CLI.

Also: Do symlink a folder from /mnt/<driveletter> to ~ because windows doesn’t play nicely with files stored not stored in windows' own filesystem. (Can’t edit files otherwise bad thing happen)

I can’t remember if this will be fixed in the creators update but it’s certainly a good practice.