Alternative Means of Income in an Uncertain Economy

Considering your normal work schedule, starting a new venture is not usually the easiest option in today’s fast-paced corporate life! Deadlines, deliverables, KPIs and so on, are terminologies that ensure you are neck-deep into your 9-to-5 job. Even when you are not physically on the job; your consciousness stays on the Job. Why won’t it be; these are not the days to lose a job or miss an opportunity to get a promotion, and so we go on, sunrise to sunset working so hard to earn a paycheck; servicing one fixed stream of income, neglecting opportunities to create more streams that are flexible and more rewarding.

As someone who has a 9–5 commitment like you, I am sharing what works for me. An avenue for creating new sources of income, putting your 7–2 belt to use (the time you spend watching Tinsel or the UEFA Champions League). All you have to do is to decide what part of your current evening schedule you are willing to sacrifice, and get down to work!

Talking about creating income, income responds only to Value! So this piece is about creative value. And the easiest means of creating value in today’s world is using the vehicle of the internet. I have heard and read a lot about making online money. Most of it are trashy get-rich-quick schemes that would leave you broker than you were. So I decided to compile some genuine ways I am sure you can make legitimate money from your smartphone! Yes, that easy!

Here is my list;

1.Get some Social Currency

A good social credibility will put you in position to attract offers even when you are not looking. Just make sure you project your skills, interest, passion not just your looks! Stand and be known for something valuable! Dont just be a shallow follower, be a thought-leader. This form of media is a level playing field, so it’s a lot easier to get noticed for what you stand for and before you know it, people are paying attention to you! And that is what we call an ‘influencer’. The moment you become an influencer, ANY corporation however big or grand, who desires to reach and influence people with their product or service within that online community where you hold sway, will certainly have to go through you. They need the attention, you have it! Becoming a Social Media Influencer could actually make u retire in a few months if that’s your goal. But it starts with a lot of work and commitment to becoming relevant within an audience!

2. Sell Something

What do you do on online stores? Yea, yea i know…you buy stuff. But what if you could sell your own products as an associate store owner on Nigeria’s Top online stores like or even sell what you don’t use anymore on or even on These online stores are real hubs for making real money online, because the number of Nigerians buying stuff online is increasing and will reach unimaginable heights before this year ends.

3. Create Your own Money Spinning website

The fact that Linda Ikeji made it big online by blogging about celebrity gossips and all, doesn’t mean everyone should blog about celebrity gossips…or because Seun Osewa is making money online with his Nairaland forum doesn’t still mean everyone will must own an online forum.

This is where the need for having an online business model comes in…. you see, in the online world of websites and blogs there is what we call a niche. Know that just like other products, every website falls under a niche.. e.g. — Forum or Online community, — — Tech-news, — — News website and so on. You can make money buying by selling adverts — when you website reaches a particular level you can start selling adverts on your website and make money. You can also develop a product or service, and use your website to sell it.

4. Sports betting

This is the most discussed topic among the young and Old in Nigeria. More importantly, the football season is here again. People are making real money online by predicting scores, saves, losses and others on different sports online. With as little as #100(Naira), you could earn from #2000 to #100,000 Naira every week. I consider this a rather unserious means on income, because it is unpredictable…and most importantly; it is unstable. So if your moral standing has no problem with collecting money from a group of people and giving it to a ‘winner’ as reward for some guesses….then do it

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is arguably one of the most Lucrative online business anyone could venture into here in Nigeria. In most cases you don’t even need to own a laptop or even a website to do affiliate marketing. By helping most companies online sell their products, they give a particular percentage of the profit. Jumia, Konga, Kaymu can be a good starting point.

When you refer specific products provided to you from these companies, your recieve a considerable amount of income from them.

6. Article Writing

Are you good with research ? are you a high level article writer? Or are you very versed in a particular field? Then you can make a hell Lotta cash by writing articles for blog owners online. There are lot of people online who find it hard to write articles for their blogs and they will pay you to write for them . Personally I write articles for some bloggers and depending on the niche, number of words, and Search engine optimization, I sometimes charge a client Up to #10,000 Naira per article. Now imagine writing 5 different articles every week for even #3000naira. That’s not bad.

7. Make money online with Upwork or Freelancer

Placing your skills up for hire has been around for a long time now. Fiverr, Upwork and the likes are market places where people offer their services for cash; from logo designing to twitter marketing, thousands of people are ready to buy your skills.

8. Social Media Marketing

Do your posts on Facebook get likes and a lot of shares? or can you get your friends to like pages easily? Do you have a way of getting hundreds of twitter followers within days or Do have a way with Instagram? Then why don’t you put your skill to good use?

Earn some money as you play online. They are many companies out there who are looking to improve their social media presence and will be willing to pay lots for it. So if you have a portfolio of your work, then you can make money online through social media marketing. You can actually earn your 1 month salary on a 5day Social Media Campaign; am saying this from experience!

MMM and other wonder banks or funding schemes are obviously not on my list because they usually end in complicated stories! Remember ‘Pennywise’ from a few years back? That’s why they didn’t make my list!

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