It’s hard to tell if the lose of our morality is the cause for the implosion of the West or merely a symptom.
You do a wonderful job of highlighting how the devout should never make a show about praying.
Son of Roxie

Rejection morality is rather easy to do. Adopting it is harder and takes longer to make a family tradition. So few people today realize just how long it took the ancient Catholic Church to Christianize Europe, to get people to stop marrying their near relatives, to stop murdering their family members, to stop the rampant clan violence and dueling, to stop torturing prisoners as routine police work… Obviously, all these things are *still* issues, but nowhere near as rampant *or acceptable* as they were in pagan times or early Christianity. And we threw away a relatively good structure because it wasn’t perfect, forgetting that without that structure, things would become far worse, not freer and happier as Rousseau theorized.

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