Use Bitcoin and Okcash to buy Anonymous Hosting

With Bitcoin rising and Okcash increasing the exposition and adoption rate, it starts to attract the attention of different companies, websites, and online shops. Recently, it attracted the attention of a web hosting company called discreetwebhosting — Discreet & Anonymous Web Hosting. They got their company and services registered to the OKMap, their first step into adopting and accepting Okcash.

Discreetwebhosting is a company that allows you to have your own website, but anonymously. The company, does not require any form of identification, unlike mainstream web hosting services. They offer different packages from single page website, to a full featured WordPress blog.

The services are originally localized over Ontario, Canada and they have over 20 years of experience in setup, support, and web hosting. You can hire them for assistance to setup the website remotely, or ask for person to person support if you live in the area. Custom packages and pricing can also be provided by contacting them directly on the website, where you can already use your Okcash to acquire their services.

Another service that they offer, and that it can be interesting to the people that wants full anonymity; is the Anon Domain Name service. This feature will allow you to acquire the domain name you want, and to be able to link it to your website; while at the same time, you are protected from WHOIS lookup, hiding your data from Domain Name directories and listings.

In the event that you already have a Domain Name with Name Cheap, and you would want discreetwebhosting to host your website, they provide a short video tutorial that shows how to change the DNS setting to the discreet web hosting DNS servers, they have more tutorials including how to obtain an anonymous email account, which can be used to contact the owner of the service.

To increase the availability of the services for the users, discreetwebhosting provides multiple forms of payments such as Bitcoin and OKCash. These types of payments will allow you to have another layer of anonymity between you and the service.

If you want a website that allows you to have full anonymity unlike mainstream providers, search no more, discreetwebhosting is for you ! 
Pay it with Bitcoin and Okcash!

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Author: Shbour