If there was no difference why is the word ‘’trans’ in-front of your moniker,why do you have to…
Inori e

first: trans women DO NOT NEED to take hormones at all, like it’s not even a requisite. Then, so-called transwomen are women, period, and sadly that’s what we’re still fighting to be considered in this f* toxic society. Clearly, articles like this do not help at all. Actually, who benefits from such a exclusion like the title suggests? other than the western cis male narrative? Seems to me that you’re playing by the rules of the patriarchy by enforcing a closed definition of what a woman must be. I think womanhood must be open to every form in which women exist, we may not share all our struggles but we’re bound by different forms of oppression. Either we unite, or cis men win and we’re ALL screwed.

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