I benefit from the exclusion because i do not want penises in my space and if this means i am…
Inori e

seriously I think you got/promote a very obtuse idea of what a woman is/must be (which is a man move that has always played against women) and somehow informed by a male gaze historic narrative… Women can be whatever WE want to be!! and hey we can be evil too, like we don’t have to be pure perfect and shit… you say “no woman does that” well, we’ve seen to many classist and racist women along history and also (many) women voting for trump now and while I don’t think we agree with them I don’t see any woman daring to excluding them from womanhood.

I see no problem with penis-free spaces you demand, get it, cool, but i’m sorry they won’t be inclusive to all women and wait they don’t have to be because being a woman includes many different concerns which WE’RE NOT TRYING TO SILENCE and MUST have its place. It’s the title of this article that says we’re not women, it is articles like this (among many other way more fucked up narratives) that are erasing us. You’re right I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW WOMEN LIKE YOU FEEL because I’m not a cis woman like you but that doesn’t make me any less of a woman (this goes the other way around). I TOTALLY get the difference and embrace it but not as something divisive please. It’s hard to imagine how so-called trans women are women oppressors, an inner enemy i get it, but if we’re taking visibility from your very valid struggles it’s ONLY because men won’t provide enough seats or tv time as to include the many different possibilities womanhood includes… it’s so sad we’re fighting over such scarcity, that’s the problem we should unite to overcome so please don’t throw us off the unfairly small boat of women rights.

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