Vote for OLIO to win $250,000 in Chivas startup competition

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today and food waste is accelerating this threat. In fact, if food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd largest contributor to climate change after the USA & China. Crazy, right?!

We want to stand up to climate change by kicking food waste to the curb and we need you to help us help the planet. Here’s how:

Vote for us in the Chivas Venture competition

We are thrilled to be the UK finalist in the Chivas Venture global competition, standing alongside 29 other inspiring startups making a positive difference to the planet in a variety of ways.

What’s more, we have the chance to win a share of $250,000 in an online public vote which will be HUGELY beneficial to our global food sharing revolution. A simple 15 second vote will help us feed people, stop waste and mitigate climate change. Here’s what that money can do…


How the voting works?

The competition is open for 5 weeks (8th May — 12th June) but you can cast ONE VOTE, EVERY WEEK, meaning you can vote 5 times in total.

It’s not a ‘winner takes it all’ type of competition. $50,000 is given out every week and the prize is divided proportionally to all the competitors depending on how many votes they receive, meaning every single vote counts!