What kind of food is on OLIO?

A huge variety - but be aware the best items go quickly! In case you missed them, below is a list of the 1700+ goodies added to OLIO (mostly for free) since our launch on 10 July.

PS: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download OLIO :-)

Butterkist sweet popcorn bag

Chocolate cake

Biona rye bread with chia and flax seed

Dole Pineapple slices 227g

Toffee apple

Collins apples


Heinz Salad cream

Last day of muffins in stock!

Chillies free to a good dish ;)

Maldon Rock oysters

Herb Croutons

Chicken and Ham pie

Half Priced Rocks summer fruit cordial

Half Price Organic cordial strawberry

Two containers of porridge oat to giveaway

Organic five fruit muesli about 200g

Jumbo oat 590g

Jumbo oat opened 400g

Organic musli base 340g

Jumbo oat To giveaway 650g

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Two ready to eat avocados

Biona organic rye omega bread

Walnut cake

M&M bag

Goat cheese tart 3 slices

Cashew nuts

Small pumpkin and a gourd

Chilli flakes

Three bean chilli tin

2 grilled flat breads

Baby new potatoes

Heinz Salad Cream

Tuna chunks can

Jamaican Jerk seasoning

Sugar snap peas

Cherry tomatoes

Whiskey Tea

Home made lemon curd

Unopened pack of double Gloucester cheese

1 fresh broccoli

1 box of oats

Organic Fresh Muffins


Bicarbonate of soda

Chopped mixed nuts

Amazing soya milk

Mushroom, broccoli and goat's cheese tsrt

100g of almonds

Unopened pack of lasagne sheets

Two little pack of pine nuts

Two apples and 2 oranges

4 laughing cow dip & crunch

Kellogg's frozen cereal

Venison with Cognac Pate - Kings Farm Shop

Two Persimmons/Sharon Fruit

Lemon thyme

Daal soup

Mirabelle plum jam.

Chilli chocolate


Tikka masala curry sauce

New unopened box of baby rice

3x Fresh Limes

Made to order Veggie Eggplant Lasagne

No waste Sunday


Curry paste

Rice cakes

1 litre KOKO coconut milk

More Balsamic Vinegar

Natural honey from Kings Farm Shop

Himalayan salt & easy roasts

Garlic and salt grinder half full

Anchovy fillets


Tonic water

Sweet gem lettuce


Open chewing gum, 3 pieces left

Opened apricot jam

Free sandwiches!

Sealed salads, can keep it for a while

Unopened Waitrose Granola BB Aug 15

Organic baked beans

Boursin garlic & herbs

Pasta for soups!

Whole heap of samples

Schwartz black peppercorns

Kikkoman tamari

Half spoon granulated sugar

Petak Turkish takeaway - meat

Organic Spirulina

Tassimo Kenco Café Crema 16 pads



Free pastries!

Lunch wraps & sandwiches

Milk chocolate hobnobs

Organic Almond cookies

Caramel waffles

Past bunnies

4 leeks

Cooking apples from tree in garden

3 seed and oat granola -marks and spencer

Cauliflower leaves for a bunny or guinea pig!


Green lentils

Artichokes In oil

Organic Red Kidney Beans

CURRY? 2 jars of half used Balti Paste Pataks

Asahi 500 mls

Sweet Potatoes

Organic Fruit Bread

Artisan Organic Baguettes

Organic Fresh Muffins

Organic Artisan Pastries

Open anchioves

Swedish bun from Cooper and Wolf

Sharwoods Black Bean Sauce

Microwave popcorn

Organic carrots

Smoked salmon


Yummy Jam Ripple Swiss roll

M& m bag

Walkers cheese and onion crisps

Conchigliette pasta bag

Wholewheat fusilli

Easy cook long grain rice

Box of Turkish delights

Christmas cake? Apricot jam

Red pepper and rose harissa sauce - belazu

VEGAN dinner - beetroot bourguigon

Fresh oranges, apples, bannanas

Vegan cupcake

3 big brown onions

Single cream unopened

British Celery

French's Classic Yellow Mustard

Italian Tagliatelle

Chickpeas 3 cans

Innocent Smoothies

Walkers Pops, original


3 sodas


Organic red kidney beans

Chana Dal unopened 500g

Last of the crop - organic apples

3 Pret granola pots (two just collected, only one remaining now)

2 fruit salad bowls from Pret

3 cartons of Tropicana smooth orange juice

3 croissants - 1 plain, 2 choc

Homemade mac'n'cheese super tasty

British Baby Potatoes

Fresh Coriander

Piri Piri Seasoning

Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza

125g English butter

Haribo super mix

Dried fish from Russian shop

Caramel flavoured Russian cookies

Russian banana flavour cookies

Mulini bianco canestrini Half price

Turkish Apple roll

Rachels Organic Bio-Live Yogurt

Lactofree Cows Milk

Brussels sprouts

2 kiwi fruit Organic

Peanut Brittle & mini Decadent Spiced snack bag

Harry Bromptons Alcoholic Ice Tea

Handmade welsh shortbread biscuits

Gourmet popcorn (Whiteys)

1 packet Scrubbys vegetable crisps

Unopened Halloween Chocolate Cake

Cheese crisps

Egg fried rice - Uncle ben's

Big loaf of Sardough Bread

Lemon green & blacks chicolate

Cadbury hot chocolate powder

Home made fresh cardamom buns

Mushrooms - organic

Dairy free chocolate egg HALF PRICE

No egg natural egg replacer

Cornish mature cheddar crisps 40g

Whitworths prunes 200g

Organic almond milk

English redcurrant jelly / jam

Puffed spelt £1.49

Cacao puffed spelt

HALF PRICE organic eggs

English mustard

Soupe du jour Soup - leek and potato frozen

Tarantella Organic Tomato Paste

Home cooked Jamie Oliver Beef Bolognese Sauce

Meringue nest

Heinz beans

Couscous bag


Organic spaghetti unopened


3 lil pumpkins

Bicarbonate of soda 80g left of 180g

Organic Salad

Percol coffee

Porcini mushroom soup


Free range eggs

Lemon good for juice!


Chilli Jam and tomato Chutney


Soft White Rolls and Pain Au Chocolate Croissants

Box of long-life mini milk cartons


Yummy aubergines

Broccoli from the market

Goji Berries & Black Mulberries

Organic sweet potatoes (x2)

Seedless Clementines x7 from Waitrose

Unopened BISTO Reduced Salt Gravy Granules

Hand raised pork pie with quince jelly topping

Lollies leftover from Halloween

Wafer thin ham - Waitrose, Opened today


Dr Stuart's liver detox tea

Very hot chilli powder

Tesco organic semi skimmed milk approx 350 ml


Salads for your dinner!

Homemade Pumpkin, Chilli & Split Pea

Pickled onions

Organic Milk Chocolate and Caramel bar

More pears

Ruby chard

Small selection of cheeses

1 kg freshly peeled, deseeded cubed pumpkin

Old El Paso corn tortillas unopened

Camomile and Spearmint Tea opened 2/3rds full

Organic red kidney beans


Condensed Milk


Jam sandwich creams

Wholewheat crackers

Giant toasted ants

Big bag of pears, given by neighbour, and I don't like pears.

Sugar puffs

Jenny's Natural Dried Figs

Condensed milk, Greek brand.

Basmati rice

Healthy minestrone soup

Christmas Baking? Mixed Peel

Good quality

Chicken & Mushroom/Pea & Ham Heinz Soups


Gluten Free Gram flour

Morrisons signature blueberry cheesecake

Morrisons Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes

Gluten dairy and wheat free fusilli. .

Chamomile tea and berry tea

Ecover washing up liquid


Vermicelli Pasta


Camomile tea almost full left by German guest

Heath & Heather Fennel Tea over half full

Geisha brand mackerel in tomato sauce

Russian bar of chocolate

Mackerel in tomato sauce


Wicked Witch Stockings sweets

Half a bottle of balsamic vinegar

Organic stock cubes

Tin of chopped tomatoes

Dried Chinese White Chillies

2 all butter pain au chocolat

Tate lyle white sugar

4 happy eggs

4 welsh cakes

BBC chicken from Pachamama

Chocolate & Slime slices

Assorted salad

Clipper earl grey tea

soured cream 150g

double cream (extra rich) 250ml

veggy burgers (biona)

Dark Unrefined cane sugar

Lyles black treacle

Small portion salad + bread from Ottolenghi

Almond milk !


Coconut water

King Edward potatoes

Korma Sauce

Tuna Steak


Italian Org Penne Wholewheat

FREE - organic tortilla wraps

Box of spinach lasagne sheets

Clipper green tea - opened 4 bags used

Jar of loose leaf rooibos tea

Kettle chips salt and vinegar

Tropicana essential

Lemon & Chocolate Polenta Cakes - Gluten Free


coconut milk yogurt 250g

Pack of his bake water biscuits


Ginger in a jar

Wholemeal pittas

Against waste of resources


Homemade doughnut

Half price mangoes

Organic Beetroot & Blackcurrent Juice

Mon Cherie Ferrero chocolate sweets gift pack

1kg of Flour

3 sachets of Dr. Oetker baking powder gluten free.

Fair-trade Demerara Brown Sugar

Fresh Corriander

Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley

Happy Halloween! More pumpkin!

Two organic lemons

500ml bottle of Lipton Ice Tea

Old El Paso spice mix and salsa

Vegetable crisps

passion fruits

organic bread (sliced wholemeal) 400g

organic bread (sourdough rye) 400g

organic bread (pan au levain) 400g

giant oat bar with mango

organic pasta flour 1kg

gram flour / gluten free 1kg

organic corn germ oil 500ml

Tinned brown lentils!

Batch of shooting fennel

Organic cucumber

7 witches hat fancies

Fuel porridge pot forest fruits

Small ripe Conference pears

2/3rds of a maltesers teasers chocolate bar

Sainsburys apricot jam

Whole green olives in brine

2 ginger bread men, one is damaged

Colman's Mustard

2 organic courgettes

Homemade chili / soup

Red Kuri




WANTED: Milk Kefir Grains


Organic whole wheat pasta

Organic Italian bean ragu

Tiny Taste buds organic fruity mango dessert

Box of fruity cous cous

Red Kidney Beans

Traditional Porridge Oats

Mint Sauce

Unopened packet of McVities Thin Arrowroot Biscuits


Aptamil First Milk

Organic baby rice

Ella's kitchen pouch

Aldi sweet potato and goats cheese tart

Uncle Ben's Vegetable Pilau Rice

Yummy Spanish Green Olives

Chickpeas in water

Brand new Camembert

Paella flavour shot

Unopened poppy seeds

Shortcrust pastry mix (savoury) exp. oct 2015

Corn tortillas five left (used three)

1 unopened bottles of French dressing

Smoked chilli mayo

Lemon and wholegrain mayonnaise

WANTED your pumpkins!

Lambs lettuce

Salt and vinegar pringles

Party mix box- lot of sweets


Selection of items

Kabuto noodles

Organic alfalfa sprouts

Flour Station Almond Croissant

Homemade Double Chocolate Brownie

SCHWARTZ Cayenne Chilli Pepper

Crushed red chillies!

Clipper lemon and ginger tea

4 bottles of Bulmers crushed red berries and lime cider

Dark kitkats 7 remaining

Stuffed green olives with anchovy

Kettle Chips Lightly salted

Baby food!



Organic porridge oats

Organic bag of fresh spinach

Dark choc ginger biscuits

Unopened Mild Salsa - Old El Paso

Unopened Johnson's Baby Wipes (X2)

Organic chopped tomatoes

Organic carrots

Hikari Shinshu Awase Miso 1kg

Biona green lentils

Biona sweetcorn

Brecon Carreg sparkling natural mineral water. 1.5 l. I have 5 unopened bottles. Surplus to requirements.

5 white bread buns

Unopened bag of fun size pears

14 little breads

7 hard boiled eggs

Huge tomatoe cucumber and green leafs salad

Brussels pate

Curley leaf parsley

Fresh basil plant

Houmous and Pitta that we forgot about at the party

Ka fruit punch cans for that teopical feeling

Crudités and hummus (red pepper)

Toffee and honeycomb

4+ month Organix strawberry and banana porridge Stage 1 weaning

Lamb and rice meal

Corn on the cob

Pukka Tea

Organic safe and onion stuffing

7 bottles of Becks Blue alcohol free beer

Red Seedless Grapes (unopened)

Raw super seed spread

Wanted - pears

Sweet onions

Jar of dried lemon grass

Penny royal morrocan mint tea loose 120g

750g of Yerba mate loose tea

Apples X 3


Liquorice tea 2/3rds full

Schwartz curry powder

Glass/bean noodles

Cooking apples - they keep falling..

Red wine

Reduced fat waitrose sour cream

Tortilla chips

Lots of bread to steal from us



Quinoa - 242g

Basmati rice

Turkish veggie doggy bag

5 bag of salt and vinegar crisps

Biona coconut milk

Mixed herbs and spices

English barley and mixed raw slaw, unopened and fresh

Infant milk. Newborn+ 200ml


2 tins of garlic stuffed green olives

Fennel tea bags

Box cherry liquour sweets

Homemade Tuscan kale soup

Organic oat cakes

Taco seasoning and sauce

Pumpkin - large

Bag of cooking apples from tree in garden..

Pineapple cakes

6 fresh free range eggs

Vostizza Currants from M&S

Fresh croissant

Organic cyder vinegar


Organic tomatoes and a pepper

Mild curry powder

Milk chocolate hobnobs

Yukky Stuff

Sourdough starter

Fresh yeast

Milk chocolate digestives

French onion soup


Rice crackers chilli flavour

Half pack of fairtrade taste the difference tea exp.7/15

Dried active yeast exp.4/15

Chick peas 400g

Unopened Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Milk chocolate coins

Yeo Valley strawberry yoghurt

Homemade fresh salsa

Sourdough bread!

12 Large free range eggs

Assorted codiments from sugar


Fresh produce, mainly carrots, tomatoes, corn on cob

Organic Yeo Valley Yoghurts

Contents of food cabinet on offer as we are moving house. Lentils, pasta, condiments, cans, spices, baby cereal, biscuits and more

Mini squash from Kent veg box


Organic oat groats 500g

Bag of Orzo Pasta

Half a bag of cherry tomatoes

Rice Noodles

Shiro miso soup

Yummy Maggie Chicken Sauce

Finest British Horseradish

Yummy Maggie Chicken Sauce/Juice

Finest Horseradish sauce

Basil plant

Tesco finest ham & pea soup

Heinz Mulligatawny soup exp. 2017

Red Lentils

Italian amaretti biscuits

All butter stem ginger cookies

Chinese Green Tea Bags — 15

Organic Cultured Milk Drink

Organic Kefir Milk Drink

Vanilla Coke and lemonade

3 free range eggs, I needed the 3 others to make a cake but no need for those.

6 organic eggs

Orange pepper

M&S box Turkish delight

Lincolnshire Poacher cheese

Various veg

Amazing avocados for free!

Organic spring onions fresh from the market

Vi Shape meal replacement shake for weight control

Fresh Dry Fried Fish — To Go Tonight

Organic carrots


Rosemary + Thyme

10 Bean Mix

Pastrami, cheese and pickle.

M&S Blueberry Sponge Cake

Whole cucumber

Garam masala

Mustard seeds

Turmeric, opened and used once.

Hotel chocolat 200ml sparkling rose

Linda McCartney vegetarian mozzarella burger

Rice Noodles 200g

M&S Chai teabags exp.07/2014

Spare fruit and veg

Unopened cheese biscuits — two boxes

Smarties and Waitrose chocolate coated raisins

Selection of unopened pickles, oils & condiments

Organic vaal dhal

WANTED. 2 or 3 Bramley apples pleas

2 sticks of celery, 6 carrots and a bit of ginger,

Salad Box

Wasabi paste

14 cartons of just juice

More ground cinnamon

Ground cinnamon

Fresh parsley

Knorr rich beef stock pot bbe 10/2016

Nairns gf biscuits half price @ORGANICO

Amy’s organic cream of mushroom soup

Gluten Free organic vegetarian walnut & almond burgers

Percol Columbian Smooth Coffee Half Price

Lavazza orio Half price

1 Organic Perfectly Ripe Avocado

Anything hot going?

Bought too many carrots:(

4 X frozen freshly caught trout

Fresh pesto from Waitrose


Fresh delights brownie + pastry


Tasty local croissant, brownies and foccaccia

Croissants and pain a choc

Beers for a quid each!!

HARIBO Primavera Strawberries


Too much celery!

Harringay grown black grapes

Water Kefir grains

Italian Duck Ragu

Sweet pickled walnuts

Pataks Chilli Pickle

Mild curry powder

Koko dairy free Spread

Tortillas and retried beans

2 large couchettes

Pack of wholemeal pittas

Maryland cookies

Bombay mix 200g

Rice Dream chocolate flavour


Organic black beans


Organic carrots

Homemade soup

Little red potatoes

Almond croissant + pain au chocolate

Christmas Ale Chutney


Strawberry jam pudding in can

4 onions

Chickpeas in water

Hot Chilli Powder

Coconut Milk

3x 2 litre bottles of lemonade

Soured Cream


Paella seasoning

Waitrose giant wholegrain giant couscous

Birds custard powder

Linder herbal tea good for bellyache

Doritos mild salsa

Tetley redbush sample tea bags. 21 packs contains 4 tea bags and green lemon bags as well

Box of Schwartz Ground Cumin


Fruit and veg

WANTED: your pumpkins!

Half price bread at the harringay local store

Half price bread at harringay local

Half price seven seeded sourdough

WANTED: Your Surplus Food (Please)

Encino hot sauce 142ml

Organic rice cakes

only ground cumin! Cinnamon got adopted

Selection of teas

Leftover pink cream cheese icing..

Alpro Almond Milk Unsweetened Chilled 1 litre

Tropicana Fruit and Veg Juice

Free 10 capsules espresso classico

Organic Crab apples- pick your own

Apples from my tree

No caf

Dry food for indoor long haired cats

Bumper crop of grapes

Blueberry cranberry and nuts porridge

Porridge oats 1kg Unopened

Indian sweet snack

Free range eggs x 4

Cottage cheese

Jus-rol puff pastry

Collection of items

Mustard 370g

Bag of approx 50 homegrown apples

2L bottles of Lemonade & Coke Vanilla

Tesco finest Colombian supremo coffee beans

Assorted teas: Mostly unopened

Punnet of organic cape gooseberries

More home-grown Braeburn apples

Veg and herbs

honey (pure british infused with chilli)

fresh pasta (handmade by a local)

Branson pickle

Innocent Smoothies

Mango Chutney

Organic vaal dhal

Wholemean bread

Greenfield speciality tea



Sourdough Loaves

Vegetable basket

Bananas, gem lettuce, potatoes and a green pepper.

5 bags of mini cheddars

ILN�NBag of approx 50 homegrown apples

2L bottles of Lemonade & Coke Vanilla

Tesco finest Colombian supremo coffee beans

Assorted teas: Mostly unopened

Punnet of organic cape gooseberries

More home-grown Braeburn apples

Veg and herbs

honey (pure british infused with chilli)

fresh pasta (handmade by a local)

Branson pickle

Innocent Smoothies

Mango Chutney

Organic vaal dhal

Wholemean bread

Greenfield speciality tea



Sourdough Loaves

Vegetable basket

Bananas, gem lettuce, potatoes and a green pepper.

5 bags of mini cheddars


HALF PRICE — Organic avocados and red onions

Chik Peas

Soy suace

12 free range eggs £3

Hot garlic sauce

Cypressa black olives

Waitrose 250g pineapple slices

Savory rice sticks 300g

Flapjack biscuits

Ice cream cones

Fresh thyme

250g tubs of clipper fair trade drinking chocolate

Neal’s Yard Macadamia Nuts

Waitrose Wild Mushroom & Madeira flavour soup in a cup

2 x 5 bundles chocolates

Small size Rice krispies multi grain shapes cereal box

Bacon stock cubes

Goats milk kefir grains

Old el paso salsa

Free quince

British extra thick double fresh cream

nutella (jar)

bean salad (tin)

Sweet baby peppers

Small portion massaman beef curry from Cats Restaurant

Home grown apples, perfect for juicing, smoothies etc

Organic gluten free vegetable stock cubes

Sainsburys Bay Leaves

King Soba Mighty Miso organic soup

Organic chopped tomatoes

Two avocados + two bananas

Wanted — Cauliflower

organic bread

Large M&S veggie & pesto pizza

Fruit ‘n Fibre

Fresh broccoli kept well in newspaper in fridge

Good quality courgette from veg box

Homemade chick peas with yellow courgette and organic tomatoes

Sperlari delicious chocolate

Chilli & Lemon Tamari Sauce Half Price

Organic Quinoa Flour Half Price

Carobella Duo Spread Half Price

Ella’s Kitchen Pouches Half Price

Toasted Coconut- Mini Packs

Chia Seeds Mini Pack.


Spare portion(s) homemade veggie chili

Sweetcorn relish

Beef & BBQ rub

Spaghetti in tomato sauce

Two open cartons of not coconut milk

Chicken and rice n peas

Sundried Tomato & Sage Nut Roasts

Excess veg! Won’t use all, bought in bulk

Earth Mama organic No more Milk Tea

Banana Chips

Crab apples

organic pitta bread

double cream

mixed baby leaf

organic breads

Pukka tea ‘morning time’ teabags

WANTED ripe bananas. 3 if possible.

Puccho Grape Sweets

Nestlé Chocco Topping

Nescafe Mocha Light Sachets

Nescafe Cappuccino Light Sachets

Disney small marshmallows

Wasa sandwich cream cheese & chives crackers,

Free organic apple juice

Organic homegrown grapes

Jar of Starbucks dark roast coffee.

Indian sweet snack

Homegrown red chillies


Vegetable juice, carrefour flageolets extra fins and pommes de terre poireaux lentilles

Two tins of chopped tomatoes


Goats milk kefir grains

Munch cafe Bar Homemade Victoria sponge

Fancy cat food

Tesco 1l Indian tonic water

Decaf Coffee

Home-made carrot and lentil soup


Fried onions ideal for hot dogs

400g baked beans in tomato sauce


Pak Choi


Fresh Coriander

Hollandaise sauce

Whole Chestnuts

Fancy cat food 93% meat x 10 cartons

Green chillies from my plant

2 croissants

Chilli and lime cashews


TEA BAGS & Ground Filter coffee.

Water Kefir grains (probiotic beverage making cultures)

Rogan Josh sauce

Dunn’s Sunflower Loaf

Sweet Potato and 2 Red Onions (organic)

Organic red kale

Organic Milk

Zevia Sugar Free Sodas Half Price

Various Organic/Regular Houmouses & Dips

Organic Ground Allspice


Homemade vanilla extract

Chinese five spice

Organic savoy cabbage

British quinoa

Organic British Vaal Dhal



Liquorice tea bags


Toddler snacks

houmous with sundried tom&olives

Lidl Rolls


Coconut water

One garlic bulb

Lettuce from allotment

Home made cupcakes

Berries Cereal from M&S

risotto rice


pappardelle pasta


3/4 bottle of Barefoot Merlot

2 dip selection boxes; 2 tubs hummus; 1 tub coleslaw

Big block of Brie and Stilton

Big bowl of cous cous

Bag of Moams and a few other sweeties

St Emilion (choc torte and biscuit)

Homegrown eating apples

organic bread

Fresh Dill

Flavoured couscous

Food Boutique

Oat so simple porridge

Self raising flour

Various Organic Fruit & Veg

Paul’s Breads

Avocado Houmous, Pinto Dip, Choc Coyo

Sweet Potato

Peach and Apricot Yoghurt


tyrrels crinckly veg crisps

orange blossom water

single cream

double cream

organic semi skimmed milk

avocado houmous

Lovely pears

Bag full of green cooking apples from my garden

Coyo coconut yogurt

sweet canes

crispy seaweed thins


Pukka revitalise tea, 14 sachets

Fruit and veg




Pasta — use by 2007!

Baby milk

Curry Pie (frozen)

Libby’s Pumpkin

Green tomatoes and 3 cucumbers organic

Libby’s Pumpkin

Uncle Ben’s Golden Rice

Most of a Cos lettuce


Innocent Smoothie

Assorted fruit



Sainaburys strawberry jam

Puff pastry (frozen)

crinckly veg crisps

Spicy relish

Mango and lime coulis

Cherry tomatoes


Braeburn apples from my tree

Batts Real Mayonnaise

Half price cobble lane cured deli salami and kabano

Various food

Retro snacks

Two packs of cherry tomatoes

Spider-Man cake.

Delicious home baked birthday cake quarter

Hot Dogs

waitrose lemonade 2 litres

hazelnut milk 1litre

organic aubergines

organic limes

coconut water 1litre

tofu-terrine (taifun)

Bakels Gluten Free Multiseed Bread Mix

organic bread

Toasted pine nuts

Cadbury Hot Chocolate


2 x bags couscous

Fresh sage and Rosemary From my garden

3 limes (not organic)

Two large and one small pieces of ginger

Wanted please — organic fruit and veg

Salad — Ginger & Mint

Lemon curd

5L distilled malt vinegar

Milk chocolate coins (approx 50 bags)


FREE — Organic Guyot Pears


One Plantain

Strawberry jam

dark soy sauce

Heaps of fresh Rosemary from Roseberry Gardens!


Dry Roasted Peanuts

Self-Raising Flour

Chilli Chocolate

Alcohol free beer

Pain au chocolat

6 in 1 spice pot

One squash

Urban Orchard: We want your apples

Two lemons


5 frozen veggie sausages

4 BLT & avocado sandwiches — Blighty Coffee


soured cream

goats milk (1ltr)

double cream

lactofree cream

organic sprouts

kefir drink(coconut@beetroot)

Unopened pack of 8 wholemeal bread rolls

Perfectly ripe decent sized avocado

Green tea bags — fresh and unopened. 80 bags

Trek bars

houmous with avocado

Fresh Rosemary

2 ripe bananas

3 small bags of toddler snacks (cheesy fish shapes)

Organic broccoli sprouts

Large half of Wensleydale cheese

Ensure plus drinks banana flavour

Weißbeer x 3

Almond Croissants — Lara’s Trattoria

houmous with fresh avocado

tofu-filets japanese style


organic mustard



Organic quinoa flakes

Croissants — Chocolate

Croissants — Almond

Evaporated Milk

Pickled Herring


Pot noodles need a home!


Box of chocs



Instant miso soup

3- 200ml infant formula

organic breads

Goan spiced chicken and lentil soup

Organic sweet corn

One garlic bulb

Half bag of fresh ground coffee — Finsbury Parks finest!


Pumpkin for pie — use by sep 2016

Dried thyme


10 gourmet chocolates


Untreated Jersey milk

Crisp and dry vegetable oil

Maryland cookies

12 x Free range organic eggs

FREE — red organic onions



Two sandwiches

Black currant jam

LOTS of homegrown eating apples

lactofree butter

organic ricotta cheese

organic sprouts


organic houmous

bananas (ripe)

Big bottle of Peroni

Pot Noodle Sticky Rib flavour

5 packets of Golden Wonder Bacon Grills flavoured

Sensations Vintage Cheddar & Onion Chutney

Plain Flour

Lamb mince 1kg (rrp £8)

Specialty coffee 250g

FREE Organic milk, best before 01/09 (end of today)


Shepherd Neame IPA 6.1%

Jack Daniels, half a bottle

Danish & Muffin’s

2 cans Stella 440ml

Mixed fruit

3 red pointed peppers

Lovely apples, perfect for school lunches!


Twinings Decaff Earl Grey Tea Bags

Green Mint Tea bags

Tub of whole black peppercorns

5 fresh tomatoes

Two packets Raspberry Leaf Tea Bags

Hello Fresh meal — paprika pork with crushed new potatoes and butter bean stew

Misc sweets and chocolate


Pickled fish

2 limes

Bottle of lobster bisque

Organic fresh herbs

Organic eggs

Organic aubergines

Baby corn

Organic sprouts

Kefir drink 500ml

Gnocchi classic

Seitan steak

Tofu with olive

Tofu with basil

Organic seed bars 3

Frozen Jacket Potatoes

Frozen Jacket Potatoes

Various Dairy Free Yogurts

Organic quinoi

Fish scraps

Frozen chicken breasts (1kg)

Various spices

Green Pesto

Licorice teabags

Baby milk

Hazelnut chocolate

75g jar of crab spread, unopened.

Strawberries in syrup

Cat food

Ella’s kitchen Peas Peas Peas

3 gingers kitchen salad,quinoa &sweetcorn, pesto pasta and Indian chickpea

Cooking apples

Prune juice

Four berry preserve (jam)


Heinz Tomato Ketchup

iceberg lettuce

Black olives



Sack of fresh cocoa beans



More fresh yeast

Organic breads


Paxo Breadcrumbs

Instant coffee

Various still mineral waters

Bananas (ripe)

FREE items

12 x large free range eggs

Whiskas bite’n chew with beef cat food

Aloe vera drink — strawberry

Unopened bottle of blackcurrent squash

Herbal teas — camomile & berry

Dip selection & oranges


Mixed veg and bananas

Yerba Mate — Tea House Convent Garden

Engevita Yeast Flakes

Home-grown runner beans


Squidgy bananas

Moist & Creamy Chocolate Swiss Roll


3 heads of garlic


Unwanted Biscuits

Risotto rice..

2x bags of waitrose salad


plenty of food

organic bread

1/3 jar of honey

Veggie Go’s Various Flavours

New Covent Garden soup

Small jar of four berry preserve

Madras (mild) curry powder


Organic quinoa flakes

Tyrrells Organic Sweet/Salty Popcorn

FREE Fruit & veg

Organic frosted corn flakes

HALF PRICE Charcuterie

5 sesame bagels unopened

Dolmino Bolegense sauce

3 tins of beans

Free Frozen Vegetarian Chicken Style Pieces


FREE Seven Seeded Sourdough

2x cheese & ham croissants. 2x Pain au Chocolat


goats milk (whole)

organic breads

fruits & vegs

bananas (ripe)

Chinese five spice

Gingers Kitchen salads

Sainabury’s Rogan Josh Sauce

Sourdough Bread ends

2 Grapefruits, 3 apples, fresh rosemary

Mouse de canard

3 jars of carbonara sauce

Red Bell Pepper and 4 x Oranges

Double Cream (Sainsbury’s)

British Beef Mince (Sainsbury’s)

14 graze boxes

French Soup and little tin of beans

Mixed nuts — walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds

Whole Grain Mustard

Fat free cottage cheese

Raw basil pesto unopened


Perle de Lait caramel desserts/yoghurts.

Meatballs in rich tomato sauce and 3 tins of Heinz Spaghetti

Specialty Turkish coffee

Decaf ground coffee

Cha Soba organic Japanese noodles


Piri Piri sauce 320g jar

Specialty Brazilian ground coffee for cafetiere

2 jars Shippam’s Crab Spread

free tea bag <s> FREE </s>

Whittards Tea

Agarve nectar


Can of Pepsi

2 slices of homemade cake

doughnuts and muffins

Duck pate


4 stunning dark chocolate truffles

Good quality 70% Dark Chocolate

Almond milk unsweetened

Organic houmous

Big bottle of beer

Ground coffee

HALF PRICE Steak & Ale pies


Orange squash


FREE — organic fruit and vegetables

HALF PRICE — scotch eggs


HALF PRICE — free range chicken breast

FREE — assorted organic fruit & veg


red peppers


Punnet of peaches

grapes (seedless)

Super Pasta cheese and broccoli flavour and brown rice

Home grown lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Apple butter

Elderflower herbal tea

Cream cheese and chive crackers

Short grain rice

Fresh bread yeast

Decaf coffee bags (3)

Chocolate Cornflake cluster bites

Burger baps

2 sweetcorn

Red chard and spinach

French beans

Beetroot, onions and courgettes

Cereal Fruit ‘n Fibre

Garden peas in pods

Branston Pickle Smooth

3–200ml newborn infant formula

Unopened box of green tea

Fat free cottage cheese

Fresh carrots going spare..

tzatziki (greek style)

3 single serve boxes of cereal

Cocofina 500ml Only 99p

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Amisa Gluten Free Organic Crackers

Various Organic Chilled Items


Pineapple slices


Dates, salad and can of tuna

HALF PRICE — Campervan espresso coffee beans

Sweet potatoes


Assorted Pastas and Can of Soup

double gloucester cheese

soya yogurt

organic breads

fruits & vegs

McVitie’s Waffles

Pure orange juice

Unopened Carrots and Cucumber

Vegetable/tomato juice unopened

Home-grown runner beans!

Tinned tuna

Sheba tinned cat food

freshly-squeezed, very tasty cloudy apple juice from my tree

freshly-squeezed cloudy apple juice

Dijon Mustard unopened

Wholewheat pasta

Black truffle pate


Melon and cherry tomatoes


2 tins of chopped tomatoes

Spare garlic..

1L organic whole milk


about 200g of fresh ground coffee

dark ginger chocolate

Scottish craft beer

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, All unopened and in date

Organic Breads (handmade)

Coconut Yoghourt (Coyo)

Bananas (ripe)

micro leaf salad herbs

Apples from our garden tree

Organic french beans

5 organic pears

2 fresh sweetcorn

Mixed veg to be collected from Dalston

300g sesame seeds

delicious organic carrots!

Dates, vacuum-packed

Caramel Agave Syrup

Pack of unopened original Oreo biscuits

2 singleserve boxes of Frosty’s and a Cornflakes

Fresh fruit and veg

Homemade vegetarian curry


Organic chicken

Orange ice lollies unopened packet of 10

energy drinks

Long grain rice unopened

Infant formula- 3 200ml bottles

Waitross mini flap jacks tub

Bunch of kale/chard

1kg Greek Yoghurt


San Leo Asti Dolce

Golden Breadcrumbs

Various chillies

2 bulbs garlic

Various fruit and veg

Wholewheat pasta

Chilli powder & chillies

HALF PRICE — Muddy Boots chorizo Meatballs

HALF PRICE — free range pork sausages

Doves Organic Brown Rice Pasta

Organic short grain semi polished brown rice

Fresh salsa made to order

Biona organic black beans unopened

FREE — yellow organic courgettes

Large tub hummus — M&S original style

Gaila melon, lemon and ginger

7 slices chocolate cake

Six Baldwin’s sausages with a beer

Cherries, ginger, garlic and a red pepper

fresh gorgeous cakes

Bergerie Sheeps cheese 100g

Inspiral Vitality Mix — HALF PRICE!

M&S antipasti selection

Selection of fresh fruit

M&S Roast chicken salad sandwich

5 Ocado free range eggs

Broccoli, lettuce and kale

Picnic surplus

Rams Head IPA 50% off

Fresh scones, chocolate brownies, and other tasty treats

Artisan bread

Artisan bread, fresh from Parliament Hill farmers market


Coyo Pineapple Yogurt

2 baguettes

Raspberry Lemonade drink mix

Coffee Cake


Green cauliflower

Fresh yeast


Various spices

HALF PRICE — free range chicken breast

Chilled Korean style noodles with soup base

Big bottle of Peroni

2 Cod Fishcakes

peanut butter

Broccoli lettuce and a lime

Tesco Pure Orange Juice

Thyme, Oregano and Sage

Tesco Finest pork chipolatas

Spare Garlic — 4 bulbs

Tesco’s pizza

Carrot & raisin spice cake loaf — MADE TO ORDER

Purple sprouting broccoli

Flat peaches


900g polish pickles

Bee Pollen

Store cupboard clear out

Jacob’s Cream Crackers

Pesto 190 grams

Penne and three cans of butter beans

Finest boozy Christmas pudding

5 assorted tins of beans.


Oat flakes


3 packets of gummi sweets

6 bags Ten Acre popcorn

Shipton Mill organic whole wheat flour 2.5kg

Loose herbal tea (Japanese)

Organic miso paste

An unopened bottle of sweet Spanish liquor

Veggie sausages

Vanilla pod

Green tea

Ryvita cracked black pepper crackers

Biona organic black beans

Waitrose organic basmati rice

Rogan Josh sauce

Homemade Banana Bread

Uncle Ben’s Rice

Scandinavian flours 2 x 500g

Unopened truffle oil

Half price!! Laura’s Idea vegan, ready meals

Half Price! Cheese, cream & butter

Half price meat and sea food

Able & Cole organic butter beans

FREE — assorted organic fruit + veg

Mixed veg

Mixed veg

Indian snack food

Fresh ground coffee

100% natural pumpkin

GAILS sourdough walnut bread.

Cream Picante — half large jar

Rice Krispie treats

Ripe cherries

Fresh homegrown Sage

5 various packs chilly spices


Chantico Organic Cinnamon Agave Syrup

Goodies Organic Raspberry & Apple Fruit Moos.

Beetroot soup £1.35 HALF PRICE

Fresh fruit and veg

Fresh salsa — made to order

Half prices pies

Garlic and onion

Creme Fraiche

Sweet Waffles


Quinoa Milk

Avocado Houmous

Tomatoes and an avocado

Cooking oil — unopened

Pasta and rice, all in date

Harissa Lamb and Chicken

Strawberries & bananas

Norwegian ø Saison 50% off


4 cans of magners

Various fruit

Unsalted butter

Kale and coriander

2x600g soup

6 homemade banana cupcakes

Curry powder (madras)


Coffee filter for 4 cups

Hale & Hearty Brownie Mix

Parmesan cheese


Orange ice lollies, unopened

Chocolate orange, unopened

Box 6 eggs

Chilli powder and cumin

Square Root cinchona tonic — 0.90p

Variety of organic fruit and veg

Organic&Handmade Bread

Organic&Handmade Bread

Organic Alfalfa Sprouts (Sky brand)

Organic Mixed Sprouts (Sky brand)

Two ripe avocado and half a bunch of fresh mint

Organic Broccoli Sprouts (Sky brand)

Rowse honey

Made to order BANANA BREAD

Jasmine Tea Bags (Quantity 80)

Haribo Tube 470g

Green and yellow icing leftover..

New box multigrain hoops cereal & 3 cereal bars

Daily prepared SALAD

Greek Style Tzatziki (San Amvrosia brand)

John West Tuna

11 carrots

Sesame seeds

Oatmeal/porridge- 1kg

Baking powder and cupcake liners

Finest mature boozy Christmas pudding

Galia melon, 3 peaches, 3 kiwis

4 tins of beans and some penne


Pastries — HALF PRICE

6 pack petit filou.

Tesco’s orange squash

Galia melon

Bodeans catering

3 large bananas

Rye flour & fibre flour

Carrots+bay leaf

Broad beans

Half Price Bread and Pastries!!!!!!

Bag of bagels

6 medium free range eggs free and in date!

Vegan marshmallows -FREE


Finest Tuna

Premium Echinacea Tincture

Organic Carob Fridge Cakes

Unopened salt and vinegar chipsti ks

2 unopened Glorious Skinny soups


Mini peperami

3 cans ginger beer

Pizza Express Margerita 420 g

6 homemade carrot and raison cupcakes

Organic fruit & veg — FREE


Handmade & Organic Bread (wheat free multigrain)

Newton & Pott zaatar pickled cauliflower — FREE

Handmade & Organic Bread (7grain levain)

Handmade & Organic Bread (pan de seigle)

Kallo organic French onion stock cubes — £0.79

Melton Mowbray pork pie — HALF PRICE £2.25

Yeo valley organic double cream HALF PRICE!! 65p

COYO coconut milk yogurt HALF PRICE!! £1.00

Big bag of hot chillies and four heads of garlic

Fish sauce

Chill and taco spice mixes

200m Cowsgate premixed infant formula

Dry roasted peanuts

Crystal light

Strong white flour

Biona brand Mayonnaise (Wasabi Style)

Thai Green Curry paste

Watermelon and 4 limes


FREE!! Bergerie Goats Yogurt

Chirps brand Sour Cream&Onion Crisps


Cauldron brand Cumberland Vegetarian Sausages

Cherries from tree

Italian 70% chocolate


Pumpkin pie anyone?

Chickpeas in water

Salty dog steak crisps

Sausages £1.50 — use by 15.07

2 packs tofu

2 packs organic smoked ashdown foresters cheese

Bag of macaroni, unopened.

Retro levain — HALF PRICE 0.95p each

Tomato purée

Toddler snacks

Dairy free vanilla custard — FREE

Organic basil and organic red peppers

4 packs left

2 unopened packets of penne pasta

4 green peppers

Leaf Tea

2 jars hot sauce

Bergerie sheeps cheese half price @ 79p

Turkey style meat free slices Half price @ 94p

Half a butternut squash

Fish pie mix (HALF PRICE)

Tiger Prawns (HALF PRICE)

2 ripe avocados and a tin of coconut milk

Home grown lettuce

Variety of apples

Fresh fruit &veg

Selection of store cupboard stuff, all in date

Three bags of organic potatoes

Neal’s Yard Pumpkin Seeds

Neal’s Yard sunflower seeds

Sainsbury’s British sliced beetroot in sweet vinegar

Quaker Oats

Peruvian golden berries

Aperitif De Vendee

Organic semi skimmed milk 2 pints

Havarti cheese slices

Leerdammer cheese slices

Mild cheddar

African spicy relish

Apple Butter

HP Sauce — unopened 425g

Dijon Mustard — unopened

Goats cheese & sundries tomato burgers

Half price Vadasz Deli pickles and relish

All Bran 750g

Two packets of green lentils

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